I'm Back ! ! ! ! ! ! !

My old PC of 13 years which ran perfectly on Windows XP, finally died and I've been without anyway to get online for some time now. But thanks to a big surprise from the Lord through a loving and loyal listener of Founding Word, I was able to get back online. I'm now learning the ropes of an iMac. It's lightning fast and from what I've been told, there are possibilities that I haven't even discovered yet.

To accompany this new iMac, I've ordered a brand new studio quality microphone for the Founding Word podcast. The old microphone was older than the PC. It was 19 years old. Like the PC, it served me well but in time, it became more sensitive to background noise than it was to my voice. It didn't matter where I sat in proportion to the microphone, how loud or soft I spoke, a bird chirping in a tree three houses down the road could be heard with more clarity than my own mouth just inches from the microphone.

Breathing was also becoming difficult in that each breath between words became louder than the words themselves. Have you ever tried to speak and hold your breath at the same time? It's not easy. Settings, gains, treble, base, high ends, low ends, none of the settings mattered. The podcast was beginning to sound like an obscene phone call at 2AM.

The sounds of the letters P, T, F, B and so many other letters couldn't be pronounced either without causing a heavy pop in the audio. Pop guards didn't protect against it either.

In order to get the sound just right, I had to correct it with heavy edits and several different filters through audio manipulation software which was very time consuming and even after that, I was never satisfied with how it sounded.

This new microphone that's on it's way, accompanied with the new iMac, will greatly improve the sound quality of the Founding Word podcast and will enable me to complete each session in a much more timely fasion.

So here's the plan folks. The synchronized study of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John NEEDS to be completed. It will be. I also want to get started on a new VIDEO series covering the Armor of God, examining each and every piece along with battle techniques, defensive postures and strategies against the enemy. Now that I've got a better computer, I'm also brain storming on possibly doing something live, like a call-in show or something. Anyways, that's what's rolling around up in my brain. The last time I rattled it and let you all know what was up in there, my computer crashed and I went AWOL for 3 months. So we'll see what happens.