The Most Precious Thing We Own

This 1st video went viral a couple of years ago. The small group of Christians in China had been taught the Gospel via 2nd hand lessons that were not in their own language. They knew what it meant to pray and listen to God speaking to them in their hearts. But they had never seen directly the Word of God written out for them in their own language.

They had heard of this supernatural book, a collection of ancient writings from over thousands of years, that God Himself had personally engineered into existence through the penmanship of prophets and apostles some 2000 years ago. Just as Jesus was THE LIVING WORD in human flesh, the Holy Bible was THE WRITTEN WORD in human writing. Such a book had been originally in Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek. It was translated into Latin some many centuries later and then finally almost all other languages on the earth. Almost...

The video below was filmed when a small group of Chinese Christians had finally received a package that all of them had long been waiting for. It was filled with leather-bound copies of the entire Bible written in Chinese. Watch their reactions as they each hold in their hands God's Written Word in their own language for the first time.

I've watched this next video over and over again and I can't stop crying. I wish I knew what it was like to live among a group of Christians who were this passionate about God's Word. Like the Chinese in the video above, the Kimyal people of Indonesia had been taught the Scriptures 2nd hand. No Bible existed in their own language, until this exciting day recorded in the video below.

Notice the expression on that one guy's face wearing the purple tie as the prayer-leader thanked God for choosing their own language to be the next language to hold HIS WORD? Look how hungry these people are for God's Word!!! Just look at the light in these people's eyes!!! Like kids on Christmas morning!!! Young and old, excited about getting started in THE GRAND ADVENTURE!!! No one will be able to pull them away!!!

This should convict Christians of Sardis & Laodicea who have over 50 different English translations while never reading one; who squeeze in a handful of Bible verses in the morning and call that devotions while watching 5 hours of TV in the evening and calling that pass-time. This should convict all of us!!! The most precious thing we own, whether we know it or not, is God's Written Word.


Fake Conspiracies: Their Pattern & Their Purpose

"Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread.
But the LORD of hosts, him you shall honor as holy. Let him be your fear, and let him be your dread."

Isaiah 8:12-13

We know that Satan is the god of this world and he's the author of all forms of blindness according to II Corinthians 4:4. So whenever we're dealing with unraveling conspiracies or cover-ups, eventually you will find Satan at the top of the conspiracy. We also know that all of his resources are employed and empowered to deceive according to John 8:44. So in all manner of cover-up, conspiracy, confusion, deception, blindness, cloak & dagger, Satan is the ultimate Master. His techniques and tools of the trade have been employed for thousands of years without fail. Only a remnant of souls protected by the Holy Spirit manage to escape, but even they are not beyond his influence. All of us are in danger which is why God gave us His Holy Spirit and a thorough intelligence report in Ephesians 6:12-18 known as The Armor Of God. Once you begin wearing these pieces of armor, you eventually become acquainted with the fact that very little in life is what it seems. Jesus told us in John 8:31-32 that TRUTH is what makes us free from the bondage of deception. But as we're liberated from the bondage of deception, if we're not careful, we will accidentally become enslaved to another form of bondage... FEAR & PARANOIA.

As we begin to monitor the trends of various conspiracies, we discover that deception is everywhere. As a result of this knowledge, fear can easily cause us to see conspiracies where none exist. Before long, EVERYTHING becomes a conspiracy. When an actual conspiracy is discovered by the discerning, that's a good thing. Knowledge is power. But when fear and paranoia causes us to disbelieve TRUTH for fear of becoming prey to another conspiracy, then Satan's got us exactly where he wants us. At that point, he doesn't care if we believe his lies or not, since now we won't even listen to truth.


Recently, I investigated a conspiracy theory which supported the notion that an unknown somebody, or perhaps CERN, had performed a series of tests in time-travel and purposefully altered the timeline of our history in subtle ways to see if we would notice the difference. Things that they changed were the spelling of names, titles, lyrics and even Bible verses. The emotional awareness of these changes were dubbed "The Mandela Effect" and I explained and debunked this conspiracy here at the blog.

While investigating the Mandela Effect, I ran across another conspiracy theory that I found to be even more absurd and preposterous than the Mandela Effect. Apparently, according to some folks, Darwinian evolution isn't the only big lie that modern science has adopted and shoved down our throats. Evidently, the pagan elites of the middle ages came up with the "round earth theory" to discredit Christianity. Christopher Columbus was in on it, the Founding Fathers of the United States were all in on it and we're all still buying into the lie today in the 21st century because none of us have actually seen the earth from space except for the chosen few who've been outside our atmosphere and gave us doctored photographs to keep the lie going. Yes, that's right. NASA and all space programs of every government is in on the conspiracy as well. The satellite feeds we get for our weather updates are doctored also. The Founders of The United Nations are also in on it because they've made the map of the flat earth their official logo, taunting boldly in plain sight that they know the earth is flat. The earth is like a giant pizza pie with the North Pole in the middle of the Pizza and the South Pole actually being the outer rimmed edges of the Pizza all the way around it's circumference. Our atmosphere is a massive bubble, like a glass dome placed over the Pizza to keep it fresh.

According to those promoting this conspiracy, it was the Bible believing Christians who originally believed in a flat earth because they say the Bible taught it was flat and therefore it was the pagan elites of the middle ages who created the "round earth conspiracy" to make Christians look stupid. They insist that the belief of a round earth was forced upon the world in the same way Darwinian evolution was shoved down Christian's throats to once again discredit the truth of the Bible.

This conspiracy theory is absurd for lots of reasons simply because there isn't anything for the pagan elite to gain by promoting a round earth if it were indeed flat. The Bible DOES NOT NOW NOR HAS IT EVER promoted a flat earth and it was actually the pagan elite of the Dark Ages who were promoting that the earth was flat, not the Christians. The so-called evidence for the flat-earth theory is built primarily upon the foundation of NASA coverups and mysteries around Antarctica, WHICH ARE ALL VALID CONSPIRACIES, BUT... that doesn't mean the earth is flat. That just means that something else is being covered up which could be it's own interesting little post, but we won't get into that here.

"So what about all the places in the Bible where it says the earth is flat?"    IT DOESN'T!!!    QUIT SAYING THAT IT DOES!!!    YOU'RE INSULTING THE SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY OF GOD'S WORD!!!    The Bible does not and has never promoted a flat earth! This is a typical case of people drawing symbolism where God is being literal, and drawing literal from where God is being symbolic. You have to actually WANT the earth to be flat in order to find the evidence they're finding, be it in life or in Scripture. It's worse than the Mandela Effect in that each and every reason I've found online which supposedly proves that the earth is flat, there are basic and common-sense solutions to their so-called reasons. They would hold those same common-sense solutions, if they weren't being obtuse about all of this.

I was originally going to do a point-by-point analysis of the flat-earth theory as I did for the Mandela Effect, but I found it was impossible to do it without shaming, mocking and ridiculing my brothers and sisters in Christ who've bought into this conspiracy theory. For anyone wishing to find a point-by-point refutation of the theory, you can search online and find plenty of places doing it already. I can't do it without becoming angry. Please forgive me. I often find myself becoming angry whenever gross stupidity is promoted in the name of Christianity.

One of the original video documentaries discussing this theory gave countless, cartoon-ish examples of laughable defiance of all the known laws of physics. It was like watching a 3-year-old child explain to his science teacher why he believes there is no such thing as atmosphere and there are no such things as watery reflections, because God painted the skies and waters blue with a giant paintbrush using billions of gallons of blue paint, because the Bible says God paints the skies!! And then, beneath the video, we find a plethora of comments from professing Christians saying, "Yep, those darn atheist scientists lied to us again!"

It almost made me wonder if the video wasn't some form of parody mocking Christians who sometimes question science with science, or investigate conspiracy theories. AND THAT'S WHEN IT HIT ME! That's when I realized what was really going on!


How do you keep the masses from knowing the truth about a secret that's too big to keep hidden forever? When a secret can no longer remain hidden, you purposefully expose the secret to the public (mixed with evidence of hoaxing or error) to discredit the information or discredit those who are blowing the whistle.

In recent decades, scholarly Christians have been at the forefront of uncovering several plots and conspiracies to the detriment of those who are responsible for the deception. Whether we're talking about shadow governments, the antichrist systematic infiltration of schools, churches, courts and the arts, the service of the Press being turned into a propaganda machine, the occult leadership behind Hollywood and Washington, the demonic attributes of the UFO & alien abduction phenomenon, etc... All of these conspiracies have been studied and uncovered by diligent, discerning whistleblowers, most of whom are Christian scholars. So if you were among those who are trying to keep these conspiracies hidden, what would you do?

If you wanted to discredit Christian scholars who are bringing the deceived masses back into the awareness of Biblical authority, you would pose as a Christian scholar yourself and then pretend to uncover a new conspiracy theory that is so ridiculous and so absurd that the very thought of Christians discussing anything intelligently would become the punchline to a joke. The Bible would also become a joke since the fake Christian promoting the fake conspiracy would claim to use the Bible as their evidence. Then many among Christians who are Biblically illiterate, who are scientifically illiterate, who are without Spiritual discernment, would then run with the fake conspiracy like Chicken Little screaming, " THE SKY IS FALLING !! THE SKY IS FALLING !! " or in our case, " THE EARTH IS FLAT !! THE EARTH IS FLAT !! " which only adds fuel to the engine of confusion, deception and the ridicule of Christian intelligence.

The Mandela Effect Conspiracy, the Flat-Earth Theory/Round-Earth Conspiracy, and any other ridiculous conspiracy which may come down the pike, are all being used to subconsciously link that which is ridiculous and absurd together with Christian thought and Christian research. Those advancing these ridiculous conspiracies are professing to be Christian researchers who are demanding we've all been lied to about things which are actually true. This adds confusion and chaos to any legitimate Christian conversation about true conspiracies worth investigating.

How the heck are we as serious Christians supposed to scientifically refute Darwinian Evolution and promote Biblical Creation while there are other professed Christians out there promoting a flat earth, for crying out loud? How are we supposed to be able to successfully blow the whistle on the Satanic plot behind Transhumanism while there are other professed Christians promoting that CERN has gone back in time to change the spelling of names, titles, lyrics and even Bible verses? As soon as Christian researchers who believe aliens are fallen angels can be discredited because they also believe in a flat earth, the purpose of the satanic plot has been fulfilled and the secret which is too big to keep hidden, will remain hidden.

Can't you folks see how Satan is using this garbage to discredit the Bible and Biblical Christian research? It's the Founding Word of everything we know and believe! It's the only thing in all the universe that God Himself holds higher than even His Own Name!!!! So no wonder people are promoting that it's been changed by CERN or that it promotes a flat earth. And many Christians are biting it hook, line and sinker. But Jesus said, "BE NOT DECEIVED..."


Isaiah 8:12-13 "Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread. But the LORD of hosts, him you shall honor as holy. Let him be your fear, and let him be your dread."

II Timothy 1:7 God has not given us a spirit of fear (paranoia), but of POWER and of love and of a sound mind.

I John 4:4 Little children, you are of God [you belong to Him] and have [already] defeated and overcome them [the agents of the antichrist, Illuminati, new world order, etc...], because He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world.

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God Who gives wisdom without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.

In other words, no matter what the conspiracy, no matter how large the multitude that's being deceived, no matter how extensive the level of deception goes, no matter how deeply it's infiltrated our governments or military, no matter how powerful the individuals hiding behind the scenes controlling the puppet strings are... ALL OF IT AND ALL OF THEM are impotent and light-years behind the ONE who lives in you, the one who didn't give you the spirit of fear or paranoia, but of power and love and a sound mind, the one who gives you wisdom for the asking concerning everything, the one who is greater and mightier than the most superior fallen angels, the agents of the antichrist, the Illuminati, the new world order and all it's counterparts. We're ahead of the game!

Romans 8:31 "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

When unraveling the truth behind various conspiracies, the knowledge of the truth should give us power and liberty, not enslave us to paranoia, especially since all these things were prophesied thousands of years ago within the framework of a timeline which suggests that Jesus is coming soon. That's not bad news. That's GREAT news!!! In the meantime, surrender fear and paranoia and ask God for a more discerning spirit to know what is and isn't true. We're living in deceptive times. Some conspiracy theories are probably true. Some of them probably aren't. Some of them are half and half. Some of them are wholesale B.S. How did God say we're to be made free from deception? I John 4:4, II Timothy 1:7, James 1:5, Ephesians 6:12-18.


Revisiting Old Inspirations

I've been browsing around the Wayback Machine finding old comments and blog posts that I published almost 20 years ago. I found one particular rant that captures my inspiration for what eventually led to the creation of Founding Word. It was written in 2003, I was far more abrasive then, I painted with a much broader brush than I probably should have, but the passion of what I wrote still flames today.

From the very beginning, with all my crazy and pointless posts of humor and foolishness, I wanted to demonstrate the miracle of God teaching even the silliest of people how to understand His Word. That was what I wanted to do. To demonstrate, not to teach, but to demonstrate that "if Josh can digest the deepest things of God's Word, then ANYBODY can."

Here's the rant that I'm talking about. I published it in 2003 and it was in response to a thread of debates between atheists and religious people of various degrees from Christians, Muslims, Wiccans, all kinds of cults and semi-cults, and many of them were even masked under a banner of Christianity. It was written in the heat of anger, so pardon it's abrasiveness and just absorb its message. It captures what eventually inspired the creation of Founding Word.

JPA 2003
There are millions of Christian groups and subgroups out there with teachers and preachers that don’t have any idea of what they’re talking about. If you were to ask a lot of people why they believe the way they do, they will give you a rehearsed answer that is based on nothing more than what they’ve been told.

I think many Christians here are secretly afraid that what they believe is nothing more than a fairy tale and therefore, they’ve convinced themselves that blindly holding on to their faith without actually thinking about it is what they’re supposed to do. So they say things like, “This is what I believe because this is the faith that I follow.” That way these people can hold onto their own beliefs without discrediting any other beliefs just in case their own belief might be wrong.

In other words, “Just leave me alone with what I believe and I’ll leave you alone with what you believe.” Many people think that’s a mature and enlightened attitude. In other words, “Just pick the faith that works best for you while being tolerant of all the other faiths out there because none of us really know for sure.” I have a hard time following that kind of thinking. I can’t just believe something for the sake of believing it. Wouldn’t it be better to base your faith on solid facts and personal experience knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that what you believe is accurate?

For example, I don’t abide by the law of gravity because I believe in it thru blind faith. I abide by the law of gravity because of solid facts about gravity and because of personal experience with gravity. Therefore, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is gravity and I have a personal relationship with it.

Many in religious circles wander around aimlessly, believing this and believing that while looking like a bunch of fools because they have no idea why they believe the way they do. In the meantime, most of the facts concerning God and the Bible get buried thru rituals, formalities and clichés.

God has flawlessly woven together an awesome group of writings that have evidences of supernatural engineering. These writings are what we call today, the Bible. Yes, I know that every religion out there has it’s own bible. But what makes God’s Bible unique is that God went out of His way to put things in it that no human could possibly create or replicate. That way the reader can know with settled assurance that he or she is not reading one man’s opinion, but the words of God Himself.

Another thing that makes it unique is that most of it will not make any sense unless the reader is a Christian. (I Corinthians. 2:12-14) If the reader is a Christian, then the reader is given the promise that not only will God interpret the Bible for them, but God will interpret it so well that the reader will have no need for a teacher. (I John 2:27) A lot of people don’t know that. A lot of Christians don’t know that, which is why most of them never bother to open it except on Sunday mornings when their preacher tells them to. They don’t know what they’re missing. If I can get it, anybody can."

I used to quote 1st John 2:27 a lot back in those days and I was often misunderstood in that people thought I was saying that God doesn't use teachers. How absurd. God most certainly uses teachers otherwise He wouldn't have given people the Spiritual Gift of teaching. But God has given every one of us a primary Teacher known as the Holy Spirit. He is the first Teacher whom all things filter. When we listen to gifted teachers, it's the Holy Spirit within us that takes apart what we're hearing and teaches it to us so that we can apply it to our heart. But what the Holy Spirit teaches through MOST is HIS WORD. That's the point of 1st John 2:27.

Unfortunately, many of us have become lazy to rely upon teachers as a crutch for not spending time with the Lord in prayer and His Word. God never intended for His children to starve to death between the little snacks of a weekly feeding that we might get from a gifted teacher. He certainly never intended for His children to die of food poisoning while listening to false teachers when we have such pure teaching in God's Word and the Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us through it.


It's Not A Performance-Based Relationship

When Jesus was lifted up on the cross, He offered up His body as a blank check for the balance transfer of every sin-debt of every human being that ever lived. When you acknowledge to God that you accept His terms of reconciliation through His son’s atonement for your sins, then you are spiritually reborn right then and there. God submerges your living spirit into Himself, giving birth to a new spirit within you. And this spiritual rebirth places you legally, spiritually, and one day physically, into the kingdom of God.

Spiritual rebirth is not reversible once it has taken place. Just as no one can revert into a fetus and crawl back into their mother's womb, neither can anyone undo what God has done to their spirit after they're reborn. The rest of the Christian life is filled with many possibilities and challenges, but losing your salvation isn't one of them. God did not save you and adopt you as His child to live in a performance-based relationship with Him.

For many of us, one of the more difficult realities to grasp is the fact that God has already done everything necessary to save us and make us one of His children. We keep making it harder than it really is by thinking we have to bring something to the table. But there's nothing else needed to be saved but to accept His salvation.

One of the mental barriers that continues to block a lot of people from allowing God to save them is the long list of changes they feel they will have to make in order to be worthy. They think, “I’ll have to start going to church, start doing good deeds, stop cussing, quit drinking, quit smoking, quit thinking impure thoughts, only pure thoughts, etc...” but none of those things are necessary to get saved, to be saved or stay saved. Your salvation is not dependent upon you, other than your willingness to accept His invitation. The only part you play in salvation is accepting or rejecting the invitation, and that's all.

You can go to church, do good deeds, stop cussing, quit drinking, quit smoking, think pure thoughts, but if you haven't accepted His invitation for reconciliation through His Son’s atonement for your sins, then you ARE NOT saved.

On the other hand, you could cuss, drink and smoke all you wanted, skip church and forget all about doing good deeds, if you have accepted His invitation for reconciliation through His son’s atonement for your sins, then you ARE saved. You might not look saved to any body else, but you ARE saved because looking saved isn’t what saves you.

That simple little fact rubs a lot of people the wrong way but the fact is, what gets you saved is the blood of Jesus plus NOTHING. If it's the blood of Jesus plus anything else, then Jesus could not have said, “It Is Finished, Paid In Full.” He didn't say, “It's almost finished, now it's up to you.” All of your sins are paid for, as a matter of fact, your sins are paid for even if you don't accept the invitation! That's what makes rejecting the invitation such a tragedy.

As far as God is concerned, His demands for justice have been satisfied at the cross. That's why Jesus could say, “Paid In Full.” Your sins have already been paid for even if you don't accept that. Everything you owe to God, as far as God is concerned, has already been paid. You've already been forgiven. But if you reject that forgiveness, then you reject His terms for reconciliation and you remain separated from Him. But if you accept His terms for reconciliation and accept His forgiveness, then He will spiritually rebirth you into one of his children.

This and this alone is what places you PERMANENTLY in God’s kingdom as a member of a royal family. You're spirit is now sealed with God's Spirit. You're legally adopted as a child of God which makes you royalty. And when your body physically dies, your soul and spirit will be uploaded into a new body, placing you PHYSICALLY into God's kingdom. Until then, you have the rest of your natural life to invest in that kingdom. But investing in the kingdom is not a requirement for salvation, it's an opportunity for those who are already saved!

The relationship you now have with God is no longer the relationship between a criminal and their judge, it's the relationship between a child and their Father. It's not a performance-based relationship. If it were, who could ever be good enough?