Yes, Animals DO Go To Heaven When They Die

Anything in which God breathed life, is eternal. The exact same precise 2 Hebrew words that are used in Genesis for animal life are the exact same precise 2 Hebrew words used in Genesis for human life. Some have submitted the false idea that according to Genesis 2:7, man was the only created being in which God breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life. But this is inaccurate since we know from Genesis 7:15 and other places that animals also have the breath of life within them; the very same breath of life that was described as being placed within Adam when God breathed into his nostrils. The fact that it's not mentioned in Genesis 2:7 is merely because man is the main subject of that chapter.

Genesis 1:20-27 is a sweeping overview of the 5th and 6th days of creation, introducing the creation of both animals and man without having said anything about how he literally did it. The narrative then continues on into the 7th day in Genesis 2:3. But then starting in Genesis 2:4-7, the narrative shifts it's focus on man and therefore, goes back to elaborate on how God created man. It is in that elaboration of man's creation that it mentions God breathing into his nostrils the breathe of life and then man BECAME a "living soul". The 2 Hebrew words for "living soul" are the same 2 Hebrew words given to all living animals created during the 5th and 6th days of creation.

The only difference between man and the animals is that man was created in the "image of God" and then man was "placed" in authority over the animals not because of man's superiority, but because it was God's will that man rule over the creation. The next big difference between man and the animals is that man sinned against God and fell. Animals have never sinned against God since the only command God ever gave to the animals was to "be fruitful and multiply", therefore animals are not condemned under the penalty of sin. After man's fall (and because of the depth of that fall), the earth and the animal kingdom was cursed so that man could still remain in control. Romans Chapter 8 makes it very clear that all nature (including animals) was subjected to the curse of death ONLY because of man's sin. Yet Romans 8 also indicates that somehow... the animals are actually awaiting for the revealing of the sons of God (Christians) and for the removal of the curse.

All conscious, self-aware, cognitive life is from the breath of God and therefore, all life is eternal. The question is... WHERE will that eternity be spent? For humanity, it's clear that we are the only members of creation listed in the Bible with a choice between 2 destinies depending upon our position in Christ. The destiny of all other living creatures are decided by their position of obedience. The fallen angels have chosen perdition since they have chosen rebellion. Therefore, the default view of where a present-day-animal goes when they die should be Heaven since they have an eternal soul and they have never rebelled against God. Even in the Great Tribulation, the animal kingdom immediately responds without question to every command of God with absolute obedience. Many passages of Scripture imply that animals (such as birds) live their very lives, totally dependent upon God's provision on a daily basis. If only we Christians knew how to live our lives like that.

By the way... the love and care of animals is described in the Bible as a righteous act from one who loves God while indifference or cruelty to animals is considered an act of evil. If animals were nothing more than animated dirt with facial features, then why would God even care?

Yes, Animals STILL Go To Heaven When They Die! (2016 Update)
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