Perfect Justice VS Perfect Love

If you were to engage in a peripheral study of God's love and an even shorter study of God's justice, you will find yourself having trouble reconciling a viscous paradox that can only be resolved at the Cross. It was there that God provided a balance-transfer system that would transfer all debts against Himself to an account that could afford to pay for every last debt. Only THE PERFECT WISDOM OF GOD could have conceived of such a plan! Only THE PERFECT RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD could have accomplished such a plan and only THE PERFECT LOVE OF GOD would have volunteered to carry it out.

In this podcast, we cover...
1. The Perfect Nature Of God In Wisdom, Power, Love & Justice.
2. The Conflict Between Perfect Righteousness & Perfect Love.
3. God's Establishment Of The "Balance Transfer" System.
4. The Real Reason Why Jesus Had To Be Born Of A Virgin.
5. The Real Reason Why God Told Abraham To Sacrifice Isaac.
6. The Temple System With High Priests & Sacrificial Lambs.
7. Jesus Is Our Sacrificial Lamb & Our High Priest.

12 Minutes
December 18, 2008

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