Social Networking

I'm not too happy with the viewer-comments interface here at the blog so instead of worrying with it, I decided to open up a Facebook account so we could engage each other there. If you're reading this here at, this is still the place to get everything, it's the front door shall we say. But I'll post links on my Facebook page to what I publish here and at "Founding Word" as well so we can shoot back and forth over it, plus you can share the posts with your friends and help me spread the word. I probably won't get too personal with my Facebook page though, although pictures are bound to show up eventually.

I honestly don't know what all the fuss is about with Twitter, but I thought I'd go ahead and set up an account with them too. I think I'll use it to drive traffic to the blog. I probably won't engage anyone, tweeting back and forth. Actually, I find how that's done at Twitter rather confusing. Communicating with people at Facebook makes more sense to me than what's going on at Twitter. All the little symbols, the @ signs and # signs and re-tweet jargon is just a little too geeky for my taste. I'll go ahead and use it though to publish links to my latest posts here and at "Founding Word".

Eventually, I'll probably start doing short videos so I thought I'd go ahead and build an official YouTube Channel. Right now, I think I'll upload video versions of the best audio-podcasts to generate traffic. Another cool feature in the long run is the ability to create playlists and allow other users to embed them elsewhere. Also, it's another place we can engage in the comment threads, although I may eventually have to turn that feature off if since YouTube seems to be known for it's viscous internet trolls. Hopefully not.

This is the official feed for this blog. With this Feedburner feed, you can get every post linked to your feed-reader, you can email individual posts to friends or share them on your facebook page. For podcast feeds at Founding Word, click here.