The Virgin Birth

Our 2nd Bible Study at Founding Word covers The Christmas Story. We start off with the first angelic encounter by Mary's Uncle Zachariah while he was performing duties in the Temple. This angel turns out to be none other than the famous Gabriel seen by Daniel centuries earlier. Then Gabriel visits Mary and their famous exchange is recorded. We explore a little bit about why Jesus had to be born of a virgin and then we cover the rest of the famous story. Mary visits her Aunt Elizabeth to rejoice over the prophetic destiny of their unborn children while Gabriel visits Mary's fiance who was apparently troubled by Mary's sudden and unexplained pregnancy. Later, Mary gives birth to Jesus in a barn and has to lay him in a barnyard feeding trough. Meanwhile, an army of angels manifest themselves to nearby shepherds to announce Jesus' birth and even gives them instructions on how they can find him. The shepherds quickly leave and find Jesus exactly where they were told.

1 Hour 17 Minutes
December 18, 2008

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