Heaven VS Paradise / Hell VS Hades

If you're into tough questions, deep material and discussing topics that no one else will cover, then this study is for you. In John Chapter 5, Jesus speaks of the dead living after hearing his voice, but he classifies them into two separate groups. Group 1 covers all New Testament believers, all those between Jesus' day and the present day who are physically alive but Spiritually dead until hearing His voice. Group 2 covers all Old Testament believers, all those between Adam's day and Jesus' day who were physically dead while Jesus was speaking and still waiting to hear His voice. That leads us to an even deeper topic. Where did all the souls of the Old Testament believers go when they died? Because of our lacking education in the Old Testament, we fail to realize that Paradise (aka) Abraham's Bosom is not the same place as Heaven. We also fail to notice that Sheol (aka) Hades is not the same place as Hell or the bottomless pit. Sound deep enough for ya?

59 Minutes
February 1, 2010

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