Unexplained Animal Die Offs

February 19, 2011

Occasionally, we're caught off guard when we hear the news of a beached whale or a flock of birds colliding into a sky-scraper, but recently there have been a multitude of strange reports regarding whole groups from different species across the entire globe turning up dead for reasons no one seems to know. For example, in Beebe, Arkansas, over a mile-wide area, more than a thousand blackbirds were somehow killed and fell from the sky. Scientists grasped at straws to explain it and covered every possible explanation from fireworks to lightning. We read the story from the news and then forgot all about it. Then the very next day, a report came out saying that over 100,000 drum fish were discovered floating along a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River and washing up on the river's banks near the town of Ozark. Scientists were quick to calm everyone down by professing their efforts to get to the bottom of it all. Almost all of them were quick to say that it had nothing to do with the bird deaths. Again, this is something that by itself would cause us to scratch our heads, but nothing worth getting worried about. But then a few days later, dead doves suddenly started falling from the skies over Italy! Since then, a continual stream of reports have been surfacing (if you know where to look) regarding massive amounts of fish, birds and other animals simply falling out of the skies or washing up on the shores without any explanations. What makes it even stranger is that each case isn't random, but focuses on a particular species. It's become so common place that the major news outlets hardly cover it anymore. The mystery hasn't been solved and it's only increasing in frequency.