Seducing Spirits & Doctrines Of Demons

One of the more fascinating prophecies of the latter times is a prophecy that doesn't usually get noticed as being an end-time prophecy. But Paul said in 1st Timothy 4:1 that "the Holy Spirit Himself speaks expressly that in latter times, some shall depart from the faith giving heed to deceiving and seducing spirits, and doctrines that demons teach." Let's look at that verse closely.

The Spirit speaks expressly...
Paul wanted us to know that these were the words of the Holy Spirit Himself, not the words of his own educated guess about what might happen in latter times. All things recorded in Scripture are inspired by the Holy Spirit, but something about this particular prophecy was so important that Paul felt the need to make sure the reader understood that what was about to be written down, was coming directly from the mouth of the Holy Spirit Himself.

...that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith...
This is addressing a prophecy about those who profess themselves to be Christians in the latter times. The Holy Spirit says that they will depart from the truth. Whether or not they are actually saved is another discussion for another time. The point is, they were professed Christians who were embracing the faith, who then left the faith. Why? What made them turn their back on the faith? heed to seducing spirits...
These are fallen angels and demons practicing what they do best, deception and seduction. So this isn't talking about Christian backsliding into sin. These departing from the faith aren't gradually falling back into the power of the world's system, they are specifically TURNING against the truth in response to the seduction of deceitful, seducing spirits. As powerful as the lure of sin may be, what this is talking about here is MUCH MORE POWERFUL than your average spiritual warfare. This is deceitful, cunning seduction at it's zenith.

...and doctrines of demons.
A doctrine is another word for teachings. So another way to say this would be, "the teachings that demons teach." What do demons teach? Whatever God says, they're against it. Whatever the Bible promotes, they're against it. Jesus said of Satan that he has been a liar from the beginning and is the father of lies.

In summary, the Holy Spirit (not Paul) is expressly speaking (admonishing, pleading, earnestly warning) that in the latter times, some (not all, but some) shall depart from the faith (the truth), giving heed (surrendering) to seducing spirits (powerfully deceptive, fallen angels) and doctrines of demons (demonic teachings.) If this were talking about the world, I'd say, "Well duh!!! No kidding!!!" But no! This is talking about good people who are professing Christians, turning away from Biblical truth in response to the seduction of demonic teaching.

Why did the Holy Spirit use the word seduction? To stress that this coming apostasy isn't the result of wicked lusts, but the result of powerful and convincing lies that are very easy to believe and very desirable to believe. Telling lies to Christians who believe the Bible isn't enough to cause them to fall away from the truth. The lies must be told in such a way that Christians who've previously believed the Bible would find it easy and desirable to believe what is false. To be seduced means to be overtaken by a powerful luring away. The fact that the seduction is being done by fallen angels means that all manner of natural and supernatural tools are being utilized to perform the seduction.

In anticipation of future demonic interference, Paul said in Galatians 1:8 that "even if an angel from heaven should teach you a gospel contrary and different from that which was taught, let him be accursed." Since Paul's day, powerful angels drafted into Satan's service have led astray many throughout history. Entire religions exist on the globe today because of ancient angelic encounters who deceived and led many astray. But this particular prophecy in 1st Timothy is aimed specifically at future Christians. The Holy Spirit said in latter times, fallen angels would seduce and deceive some of those who openly profess a Christian faith!

Why did the Holy Spirit make a point to say that this warning was coming directly from Him? Everything recorded in the Bible is from the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation. Every verse, every word, every letter, every space between letters is put there by design of the Holy Spirit. So why did the Holy Spirit this one time, feel the need to stick his nose out from around Paul's pen to say, "I'm the one saying this! Not Paul! This is me the Holy Spirit doing the talking!" Why? I believe it's because The Holy Spirit knew that fallen angels would infiltrate Christian groups to perform seducing signs and wonders, teaching doctrines of demons, IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!

Since Satan has successfully twisted the meaning of what Jesus said about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, Satan has been able to infiltrate witchcraft into Christian circles with total immunity! The infiltrating fallen angels call the witchcraft, "Spiritual Gifts" and twist several passages of Scripture, convincing them that these acts of witchcraft are actually works of the Holy Spirit. Some congregations are more subtle and downplayed while others are flamboyant and outrageous. These experiences are real and powerful. They're mesmerizing. They feel great! They're intoxicating!

So then as you sit there and witness the seduction taking place around you, you'll either take part in it and get hooked, or you'll sense that something isn't right. You can't put your finger on it, it's just something deep inside of you that senses that the God you know and love has nothing to do with what you're witnessing. You can't explain it, you just know it's not of God. But at the same time, you're confused because you see other Christians around you buying into it, first reluctantly but then willingly. Some of these Christians are people you know and respect. So it can't be fake! There's something REAL going on here, but what? You're afraid to call it an act of demonic deception because you don't want to commit the unforgivable sin and blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Your friends tell you, "It's the power of God! It's the Holy Spirit!" They say it with joyful intoxication and absolute euphoria! "It's wonderful" they say. But the more you listen to them explain it, the more you realize that there's no substance to what they're saying. It's all based upon a feeling they have that comes out of nowhere because of the wave of someone's hand or the sound of an indiscernible noise coming out of someone's mouth. Every bit of this sounds like witchcraft, the casting of spells and going into trances, but you dare not say it. You don't dare!

More Christians are finally beginning to dare. Sometimes it takes years of Biblical research before a Christian gets the guts to finally call it what it is. I've mentioned before my own research into the phenomenon of what's being called "a spiritual prayer language". Follow that link if you're interested in the Biblical truth concerning that false doctrine. Since I've published that study, I've learned that the so-called "prayer language" is just a counterfeit version of an occult practice which mediums used to invite "the spirits" to communicate with the living.

"Automatic writing" is a practice that mediums use in which they begin scribbling incoherent writing onto a piece of paper over and over again while going into a trance so that "the spirits" can communicate to the living. When pen and paper wasn't available, they would force their mouth and tongue to begin forming incoherent noises over and over again so that "the spirits" could communicate through them! These practices were never part of Biblical Christian theology until the last hundred years or more. It's a demonic practice masquerading as a spiritual gift.

"White Noise" is the technical term for what your radio or TV receives when it's not on a frequency that's receiving a broadcast. Remember when the little girl from the film "Poltergeist" began communicating with the dead on her dad's TV after the signal turned to white noise? That's based upon what many mediums have done in attempts to reach "the other side". The moment radios and televisions were invented, mediums found that they were a delightful advancement to their old fashioned "automatic writing" techniques. Instead of forcing their mouths to make incoherent noise, or forcing their pens to write incoherent symbols, they now have electronic devices to make all the incoherent noise they need simply by placing it on a channel or frequency that's not receiving a broadcast. To speed up the process, they just speed through a large amount of frequencies over and over again hoping to receive words or disconnected phrases to receive messages from the other side.

These people are not quacks living in delusions of grandeur. These are intelligent, scientific minded individuals. They are victims of seducing spirits. If these techniques didn't bring them the satisfaction they were looking for, they wouldn't do it. Fallen angels are there to accommodate them, to drag them into their world which leads to a serious form of demonic slavery and harassment. So all Satan needed to do to get Christians hooked into all of this was to change the labels around. Instead of trying to convince Christians that it's OK to perform witchcraft and necromancy, he just slipped it in under a disguise and called it "spiritual gifts" and "a prayer language". He doesn't care what we think we're doing, so long as Satan gets the results he wants. Instead of trying to convince Christians that it's OK to contact the dead, (which no one can do anyway), he just slipped in the practice under a disguise and told us we were being possessed by the Holy Spirit.

I'm sure you've seen another practice on Religious Television, called "Slaying In The Spirit." That's Satan's Christian label for it to get it accepted inside church doors. But guess what it's really called? It's called "Serpent Power" in occultic groups, others call it awakening your Shakra. It's a hypnotic trance induced by demons! It feels good, just like getting gassed in the dentist chair feels good. But unlike Nitrous Oxide, this is caused suddenly by a demon. It's not the power of suggestion and it's certainly not the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is why the Holy Spirit stuck out his nose around Paul's pen to say EXPRESSLY, that in latter times (our present day) professing Christians would turn away from the faith that's clearly taught in the Bible, and give heed to the seduction of witchcraft, masqueraded deceptively, cunningly, through demonic doctrines taught by fallen angels.

As history continues to march forward, this spooky warning of the Holy Spirit recorded in 1st Timothy will expand in it's fulfillment. Already, we are hearing of reports from Vatican Astronomers who insist that we will be visited by sinless extra-terrestrials who will help us understand more clearly how we should interpret the Bible. Other so-called Christian groups are even declaring that any form of Christianity based upon a 2000-year-old book is doomed and should be abandoned. New Age mysticism has slithered it's way into Christianity through Christianized versions of the classic Tarot Cards, only these are called "Angelic Oracle Cards." New Age mystics believed they had spirit guides. New Age Christians believe the same thing, only they attribute their spirit guides to God's angels and sometimes the ghosts of departed loved ones.

What in the world is any of this demonic teaching doing among professed Christians? The Holy Spirit spoke expressly some 2000 years ago that it would happen. And I feel it's going to get worse with powerful signs and wonders we have yet to see. How do you stay free from all of this? Jesus gave us the answer in John 8:31-32. He said, "If you continually abide in My Word, you are truly My disciples and you will know the Truth and the Truth will make you free."