Joseph Jordan: Casualties Of A Cosmic War

Christians have got to stop closing their eyes to this phenomenon. It is very real and these people need our help. How can we help them if we're not armed with the truth? How can we arm them with solutions if we continue to ignore the problem?

The following lecture was given by M.U.F.O.N. Investigator Joseph Jordan at the "Ancient Of Days, War Of The Worlds: The Invisible Battle" Conference in Roswell, New Mexico in July of 2010. Some years ago, he joined The Mutual UFO Network and began investigating the phenomenon of UFOs and alien abductions from a purely scientific background. What he eventually discovered led him to becoming a Biblical Christian. Note that he did this AFTER his investigations, not before. His discovery is what he considers to be the missing piece of the puzzle to alien abductions. It's a missing piece that hardly anyone within the research field will acknowledge, even though it's the only piece that brings it all together and actually STOPS abductions! This video is a detailed summary of his research, complete with evidence and testimony.

After I first posted this video, I received an an abrupt email from someone who said, "Researchers have come to the conclusion that almost all abductees are certain that "aliens" are demons. They foretell things to the victims that do not come true. Scientific evidence is proving that all UFO's have never been observed coming to the earth from out of our atmosphere, nor leaving it. These UFO's always hover in unsteady movements, and then immediately disappear on the spot." After watching the video, click here for more information.