Jerusalem Finally Responds To The Renewed Rocket Attacks Coming From Gaza

April 3, 2013

If you want to know what time it is on God's clock, look to the land of Israel. Middle East prophecies have been sitting in our Bibles for thousands of years in black and white. The events of recent years have set the stage for these prophecies to be fulfilled. Last November, Israel began an 8-day operation called, "Pillar Of Defense" (In Hebrew, "Pillar Of Cloud") to stop rocket attacks against civilian targets in Israel that were originating from the Gaza Strip. During the operation, Hamas propaganda campaigns accused Israel of being bloodthirsty war mongers slaughtering innocent civilians while the reality of the operation was that the Israeli Air Force always ensured an area they targeted was clear of civilians before striking. On November 21st, a ceasefire was declared in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said that if the truce with Hamas in Gaza didn't work, then Israel would have to consider "more severe military action". Right up until the final moments before the ceasefire went into effect, Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel and a bomb was detonated on a bus in Tel Aviv in which immediately afterward, Hamas Television broadcast its delight at the news that civilians in Israel had been targeted.

On February 26th, Hamas broke the ceasefire with a single rocket. When President Obama was visiting Israel in March, Hamas fired 4 more rockets. A partially-exploded 5th rocket has been found in a Sderot preschool which had been empty because of the Passover holiday. The rocket could have had devastating results as it made its way through the roof of a building which is the place of learning for local three-year olds.

Yesterday, a projectile fired from the Gaza Strip exploded inside Israel in the Eshkol Region, causing no injuries or damage. The rocket was the third attack on Israel this week, breaking months of calm and possibly signaling a return to the nearly daily rocket attacks that had been quelled since November.

Therefore, Jerusalem finally responded to the renewed rocket attacks coming from Gaza. The Israeli Air Force carried out a strike against two targets in the Gaza Strip, one on the eastern side of the city and the other in a northern section of the enclave. The Safa Palestinian news agency reported that Israel bombed a factory in the al-Shugaya neighborhood.

Rocket-attacks into Israel from the Gaza Strip continues...