Mark Eastman: The Gospel According To E.T.

This short little 10-minute video excerpt is from Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman's "Alien Encounters" conference back in 1997, looking at the UFO & Alien Abduction Phenomenon from a scientific AND Biblical perspective. It took place in Roswell, New Mexico, on the 50th anniversary of the famous Roswell UFO Incident. Chuck and Mark basically spent over 6 hours covering their exhaustive research for their new book of the same name. Both their book and all of the audio from the conference can be purchased here.

Koinonia House just recently posted this short excerpt and I couldn't help it, I just had to post it. Even though it's from 1997, it's even more relevant today than ever. One of my facebook commenters said to me, "This subject (aliens revelation) has been in front of me from several different sources in the last week. It seems to be exposed more and more." I agree. It's not an accident. I think it's a subject that will become completely unavoidable in the days, weeks and months to come. Christians need to do their homework NOW before they're caught off guard by what's coming. I don't know when it's coming, or how fast, but it's coming.

In this short 10-minute excerpt, Mark Eastman summarizes all of the various messages that abductees receive from aliens when they've been abducted. Isn't it amazing how interested aliens are in the religious views of human beings? Of course, those of you who are already aware of the alien agenda, know exactly why they would be so preoccupied with such things.