The Parable Of The Good Shepherd

In this session, Jesus gives an incredible example of what it really means to be given Spiritual eyesight. When Jesus approaches a man who was blind from his birth, he proclaims that this man's condition was planned in advance from outside time so that the works of God could be manifested through him. What follows is a symbolic method in which Jesus chooses to heal the man and his behavior afterwards shows evidence of one who not only received physical eyesight, but Spiritual eyesight as well. His new abilities led him to an interrogation before the Pharisees which resulted in his own excommunication. But as he was led away from the oppression of the Pharisees, he became a free man under the care of "The Good Shepherd." Then Jesus gave his famous parable of the Good Shepherd which boldly displays historical, personal and prophetic applications.

42 Minutes
December 20, 2013

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