RE: Factors That Invite Demonic Activity

I was granted permission to publish the following email conversation, provided that I changed certain details to keep the emailer's identity anonymous. It has also been edited for brevity. I get emails like this quite often. When I do, I always send them the link to the article I published called, "Factors That Invite Demonic Activity" because it explains so much about what causes these problems as well as how to make it stop. Most of the time, I get an exciting response with great news of relief and encouragement about how they were able to identify the source of their problems and make it stop. This was one of those times.

On Thursay, Apr 2, 2015 at 4:38 PM, Shawn Brady wrote:
Dear Josh, I just watched your video about paranormal documentaries and I have to say it gave me a bit of a chill down my spine. You mentioned that demons will look for that foot in the door. Well, my sister came to visit me and she had brought my mother's urn. Since then, my sister has asked me if I had noticed anything strange around the house. I was reluctant to say anything at first because my sister is a highly educated scholar so I thought she was trying to mess with my head. But then later, I admitted that I had often seen something strange out of the corner of my eye and that when I turned to look at it directly, it would be gone. My sister then admitted to me that she had been having similar experiences. She didn't want to say anything to anyone about it because of her scientific background as well as her profession. She's a Psychiatrist.

Well, it's gotten worse. The last few weeks I have seen my mom sitting on my bed when I'm laying down to watch TV. These times I looked directly at whatever this was and it didn't go away. My mom just looked at me and smiled like all was normal. I would close my eyes for a few seconds and then when I opened them she was gone. Is this something I should worry about? Is this not my mom trying to let me know that she is OK but rather something demonic trying to get its foot in the door? How do I know and what do I do about it?

Both of my parents were firm believers in Jesus so I assumed they went to heaven. Of course after seeing what I believed to be my mom, I became very sad because I miss her so much. There's a lot of sadness that follows something like that. My wife said its just the grieving process and it's just my mind playing tricks on me because I miss her and dad so much. Is that true or is there more to it?

I certainly don't want any kind of evil trying to get anywhere near my family or myself or my friends or anyone for that matter. My sister is a Psychiatrist and says I'm not not crazy. But going through something like this tends to make you feel like you're crazy. What can I do in this situation? It's comforting to see my mom but if it's not her I don't want any part of it. Could you possibly make sense of this because I'm kinda stuck.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to any advice you could give.

On Saturday, Apr 4, 2015, at 7:38 AM, Josh Allem wrote:
Shawn, thank you for your detailed email. This is very important so I'll answer your question quickly. The short answer: you are not crazy, and the manifestation of your mom isn't really your mom. It is a demonic attempt to get a foot hold into your world. The good news is that the remedy is simple. If you are a saved, born-again child of God, you have the authority granted to you by Jesus Christ to command the entity to be gone. Here's an article I wrote about factors that invite demonic activity and how to get rid of it. It's kinda long, but that's only because I wanted to cover as many bases as possible. Here's the link-->

Let me know if that article answered all of your questions and if not, write me again.


On Saturday, Apr 4, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Shawn Brady wrote:
Hi Josh,
Just wanted to say thank you for that very enlightening article. It did actually answer my questions. Not sure if this will help you in future articles but so you know... there were actually multiple factors here that I think led up to the manifestation of my mother and I was completely unaware until I read your article just how many things could cause this. Here is a quick list of things I now believe contributed:

1. With the complication of my mom's boyfriend (who I caught doing drugs), there was a lot of anger there. He refused to move out when my mom passed away and when I finally got him removed from the premisses, he actually told me that he was into voodoo and that he was going to get even with me for making him leave. I thought voodoo was ridiculous and blew it off.

2. My sister knows that I am a born again Christian and being of the academic world, she likes to debate me about the Bible. She knows I'm new to reading it and since she's studied many religions in school, she believes there is no true correct religion and that all religions are just stories. She claims to be a believing agnostic. She said she believes there is something to the idea of a supreme being, but that no religion is correct. We had that debate at the end of her most recent visit. Being new to it all, I guess that could have caused some doubt in me, thinking she's so educated, what if that means she's right?

3. My dad's birthday just passed in March and with my health causing me constant problems I think the combination of missing both my parents just really increased my depression.

4. My parents always, for as long as I can remember, had a Ouija board that someone had given them as a kind of gag-gift. My mom always had it stuffed away with the toys but told us never to use it. She never got rid of it because she had heard it would cause you trouble if you did. I'm sure they must have messed around with it when I was little. We did have some very strange things happen when I was young and one particularly terrifying incident to myself when I was about 12, but no one believed me.

5. Last but certainly not least, I've always been a scary movie fan until I started reading the Bible. When my sister was here, we watched some videos of paranormal investigations on YouTube because the researcher said he was communicating with dead people and he tries to get them to go to the light. My sister watches them to debunk them and explain how it's just to fool people. Some of the things the investigator gets said to him are rather disturbing to me and was actually quite scary. If some of that came through my radio I think I would throw the radio away. I never considered that watching his videos could invite problems my way. I was actually worried that if its real then how does he know who he is really talking to, and could this man be playing with fire. I did notice though shortly after watching those videos is when I would hear people talking (just thought it must be coming from outside), would hear strange banging noises in the house, or crashing noise like something happened- I would check it out and nothing wrong, my 2 very large (80 and 150) pound dogs would get very upset waking me up between 1-3am almost nightly growling and barking at something outside. I would let them out and they would get halfway across the yard and just stop and stare at nothing and then run back in the house as if something scared them. It gave me the creeps but I didn't see anything so I ignored it. Figured it was just someone walking past or maybe they saw a cat. I actually would get a bit scared to turn a corner sometimes in my own home, or even to be here alone. Then I started seeing mom. Just sitting across from me on the bed smiling. She never said anything just smiled and I didn't feel afraid. It was actually comforting to see her. This happened a couple times and then I saw your video and it gave me chills.

Anyway thanks so much for your great advice on all these matters. I didn't realize just how these individual things that went unnoticed or unthought of at the time actually were adding up to an actual manifestation. It's strange how after I got baptized and started reading the Bible things started picking up. Guess the evil side of things was a bit concerned I would find out I actually have some power here. I'm newly saved and still reading the Bible for the first time so even I didn't realize I had any power. It was only when I read the article you sent me that I found that out. I have to admit, I went through the house and used the words in your article and pled the blood of Jesus over my home, family (animals included) and life and I did actually start crying, but they were happy tears. That door has been shut and a very large weight has been lifted. I can't thank you enough for your help. It has been brutal since 2011 no matter where I was. Now I understand why.

Maybe this information is validation on the research you have done or helps you in future research. Feel free to use this info as you like just please if you share anything on your website or videos about this incident just please don't use my real name. Other than my wife and sister, your the only other person who knows about all this. Most people would probably just think I'm nuts. Even my sister and wife just think it's because I need to rest more. So you are probably the only person that sees this for what it is. Again, thank you so much for your help, knowing what this was and that I have the power to face it and overcome it changes everything. I really believe you have a gift they way you explain things and that you are doing exactly what God intended you to do.

God bless you,