Mysterious Sounds, Booms & Explosions

Separating The Viral Video Wheat From The Viral Video Chaff

Of all the weird and prophetic topics I've dared to discuss on this blog, the one area I've avoided is the subject of strange sounds coming from out of the sky. Because of all the hoaxing and copycat videos, this topic requires a lot of digging to seperate the wheat from the chaff. The type of sounds people claim to be hearing fall under two categories: (1) Various booming sounds from the sky which range from small to great and (2) Loud groaning sounds from the sky which many have compared to the classic Shofar trumpet while others have said it sounds like large pieces of metal grinding together.

Starting in 2009, people all over the globe started reporting unexplainable sounds that resembled loud bumps or even explosions with no evidence as to the source. The case of Clintonville comes to mind as the most legitimate and documented case since the entire town (including the Mayor and local police) were hearing the noises and all members of the media covered it exhaustively. The case in Clintonville is almost identical to cases reported all over the world. The geological community has risen to offer an explanation, citing tremors sounding through special types of granite to be the culprit. Their explanation sounds logical but it doesn't tell us why it's never happened before, why it's happening now, and what about all those other places all over the world where the so-called special types of granite aren't available?

This phenomenon comes close to home since my neighbors and I have heard something like it ourselves here in Tyler, Texas. One morning around 11 AM, I heard what sounded like the limb of a tree falling on the roof of my house. My next-door neighbor has tall pine trees with limbs that could easily fall on our house given the right amount of wind so I went outside to see where the limb had hit, but no limb was there. Then a moment later, I noticed my neighbors across the street walking around their house looking up toward their roof looking for something. I walked over to see what was going on and they heard the same noise, something that caused them to believe that a physical object had fallen and hit their roof. We both heard the same noise and there was nothing physically evident to identify the source. We don't have earthquakes in our area but to be certain, I went to the USGS online to see if there had been any nearby tremors. Nothing had been reported. It's been over 3 weeks since it happened and we never did solve the mystery.

Another type of boom that's been reported are strange throbbing sounds from the sky that sound like some type of artificial current of electricity that's being generated by a massive engine of unknown origin. I've only found one or two videos of this nature online and only at YouTube so we don't have any further information about those. Theories run the gambit from distant electrical storms to CERN, HARP and the Hadron Collider. (Isn't it interesting how you can take an internet rumor and make it sound legit by calling it a theory?)

In addition to unexplained bumping noises, many YouTube users throughout 2011 began posting videos of what sounded like strange groans coming from the sky. The first original video of this sort was posted at YouTube from Kiev in November of 2011. That link will take you to the original YouTube user's video post along with all the descriptions and comments included. After the video went viral, the local news in that area tried to validate the story but found that no one in the neighborhood heard these sounds except the user who uploaded the video. While digital annalists had proven that the video's audio track wasn't doctored, they couldn't rule out the possibility that the "strange sounds" weren't coming from an alternate audio source playing from inside the room while the camera was facing outside the window. Another damning piece of evidence that's in the video itself, is that no one seen walking around in the video seems to be aware of the noise. At one point, a bunch of guys walking along are even seen laughing, paying no attention to the ungodly noise supposedly coming out of the sky.

A few months after the release of this first video, countless other videos were published at YouTube titled "Strange Sounds Out Of Heaven From All Over The World" in which the audio from the 1st video published out of Kiev was ripped and dubbed on top of staged videos of people staring into the sky. You can tell the videos are hoaxed because even the sounds of the passing birds from the Kiev video can be heard in all the "me-too" videos, supposedly from Canada, Russia, Germany, England, Connecticut, Texas, etc... Main stream media outlets such as CNN and FOX began running the story using all of the hoaxed video frauds as evidence. What fueled this even further was all of the 2012 hype as these new videos were being published during January and February of 2012. Enthusiasts of Bible Prophecy then carelessly jumped on the bandwagon and noted how close these noises resembled the sounds of the classic Jewish Shofar trumpet. "Are these the Trumpets of Revelation?" many began to ask.

Then suddenly, Atheists began taking sport in all of the madness at YouTube claiming that all of the videos were hoaxes, proving that the sounds can be produced by audio software on the Mac. Then it became revealed that the idea for this grand hoax was spawned by the movie "Red State" in which a bunch of religious extremists were fooled in the climax of the film by a bunch of computer geeks who used their iPod to broadcast shofar trumpet blasts over an old firehouse siren. The movie itself was a propaganda film, stereotyping Christians in political "Red States" as a bunch of apocalyptic nuts, who speak predominantly in King James English, preaching hellfire and brimstone upon everyone everywhere for everything. The film was released in September of 2011, just 2 months before the big Kiev video was posted at YouTube.

After all of these viral videos had spent all of their viral gas, the subject of strange sounds out of heaven began to fade until August of 2013 when YouTube user, "Kimberly Wookey" of Terrace BC got things started up again. The local news media once again took the video as evidence and broadcast it on their report. This time, the sound has more of a metallic drilling sound to it. So now, scientists are once again called upon to explain what's going on citing everything from solar flares to new movements of the Earth's crust as the planet expands and retracts. (Why it's expanding and retracting, they don't say.) No one hardly noticed this 2013 video but then Kimberly Wookey uploaded a newer video on May 7th of 2015 saying "It Happened Again!" to which all major news outlets published her video and it went viral. To add to it's credibility, she uploaded another video saying "This one is from my daughter!" and then another video saying "This one is from my neighbor across the street!" All three of these videos have gone viral and once again, conspiracy theorists and enthusiasts of Bible Prophecy are wondering what's going on.

Former members of government or military security will tell you that different levels of contract security require different levels of disinformation to keep a secret hidden. Keeping a secret hidden by a denial of known facts doesn't always work. So whenever a secret becomes so big that it can no longer remain hidden, the only way to keep the truth hidden is to purposefully reveal the truth to the masses and mix the truth with evidence of hoaxing or other forms of foolishness to discredit it. The media has been using this technique with the UFO/Alien Abduction phenomenon for decades. So when it comes to researching the strange sound phenomena, if you're willing to take the time to dig through the manure, you might find small accounts of legitimate people hearing noises of all sorts that they cannot explain. But these videos, I believe, are designed to distract the masses from the more obvious signs that we're living in the last days. You don't need "trumpet sounds out of heaven" to know we're going through what Jesus called, The Beginning of Sorrows.

After watching lots and lots of the videos posted at YouTube, I firmly believe they aren't supernatural. As I said earlier, these so-called "trumpet sounds" that people claim to be hearing sound more like large pieces of metal grinding together if you ask me. What's actually causing that sound, I have no idea. What we're allowed to see probably isn't legit. Some of those videos might be legit, but there's so much hoaxing and foolishness out there that it's difficult to pin them down.

As for the mysterious boom noises, those cases seem to be 100% legit. In fact, these legitimate cases might be what the "strange sounds out of heaven videos" are designed to distract. The videos of mysterious booming noises have multiple reliable witnesses with police and local news teams following up on the cases. The geological scholars are blaming it on deeper earthquakes. Maybe that's what it is, maybe not. We already know that earthquakes have increased drastically in "diverse places" in recent years so that could very well be what's causing those noises.

From a supernatural standpoint, there is in fact a known phenomenon in demonic activity where sounds of large explosions can be heard where there is no physical evidence of the explosion. We know from Ephesians 6 that God's angels are fighting it out with Satan's angels behind the supernatural veil. Who is to say that their warfare isn't occasionally heard with human ears? Just as the engine of a boat sounds different when heard from underwater, how does the warfare of angels sound to human ears from the other side of the veil? If we're indeed living in the last days, it would only be logical to assume that their warfare is increasing in both frequency and magnitude.