The State Of Texas Is Underwater

May 26, 2015

My sister's home turf is San Marcos, TX so this hits pretty close to home. Thankfully, she and all her friends are safe and sound. So many others are facing unimaginable pain. I'm still praying that these families will be found safe and sound. This year reminds me of 2011 when I published a post called "The State Of Texas Is On Fire" after we had experienced 4 solid months of triple digit temperatures without a single drop of rain. This year, we've barely kissed 90 degrees and have had nothing but rain so that now there's no place for all that water to go. Interesting how things are paralleling this year as California is bearing a drought. The Midwestern portions of the United States had to endure flooding in 2011 as we are now. Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston... all are underwater and there's no indication that the rain will stop any time soon.

All records are being broken on every front. People keep witnessing and living through epic weather events that have never happened before in their areas. As these Texas floods continue, Nepal has suffered yet another earthquake on top of the one they suffered a month ago which even caused Mount Everest to shake. A volcano that hasn't erupted in almost 850 years looks like it might possibly erupt again. Mysterious animal deaths which began some time in 2011 have continued: see here and here. Stealing a line from L.A. Marzulli, "Is this just business as usual or is something going on?" Something is DEFINITELY going on.