The Most Precious Thing We Own

This 1st video went viral a couple of years ago. The small group of Christians in China had been taught the Gospel via 2nd hand lessons that were not in their own language. They knew what it meant to pray and listen to God speaking to them in their hearts. But they had never seen directly the Word of God written out for them in their own language.

They had heard of this supernatural book, a collection of ancient writings from over thousands of years, that God Himself had personally engineered into existence through the penmanship of prophets and apostles some 2000 years ago. Just as Jesus was THE LIVING WORD in human flesh, the Holy Bible was THE WRITTEN WORD in human writing. Such a book had been originally in Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek. It was translated into Latin some many centuries later and then finally almost all other languages on the earth. Almost...

The video below was filmed when a small group of Chinese Christians had finally received a package that all of them had long been waiting for. It was filled with leather-bound copies of the entire Bible written in Chinese. Watch their reactions as they each hold in their hands God's Written Word in their own language for the first time.

I've watched this next video over and over again and I can't stop crying. I wish I knew what it was like to live among a group of Christians who were this passionate about God's Word. Like the Chinese in the video above, the Kimyal people of Indonesia had been taught the Scriptures 2nd hand. No Bible existed in their own language, until this exciting day recorded in the video below.

Notice the expression on that one guy's face wearing the purple tie as the prayer-leader thanked God for choosing their own language to be the next language to hold HIS WORD? Look how hungry these people are for God's Word!!! Just look at the light in these people's eyes!!! Like kids on Christmas morning!!! Young and old, excited about getting started in THE GRAND ADVENTURE!!! No one will be able to pull them away!!!

This should convict Christians of Sardis & Laodicea who have over 50 different English translations while never reading one; who squeeze in a handful of Bible verses in the morning and call that devotions while watching 5 hours of TV in the evening and calling that pass-time. This should convict all of us!!! The most precious thing we own, whether we know it or not, is God's Written Word.