Will Americans Perish From A Lack Of Knowledge?

In a previous article, I tried to point out how our nation's recent history has paralleled the conditions outlined in Romans 1:18-32 with amazing accuracy, and that our only hope (if any) is found in 2nd Chronicles 7:14. For years, many good Christians have attempted to implement 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and so far, it hasn't been working. In a follow-up article, I attempted to explain why that is. In short, it can only be because God's people which are called by His name, have failed to meet the conditions of the promise. Besides refusing to "turn from THEIR wicked ways" they have not sought God's face and have rejected the prophetic knowledge of His Word.

If you haven't read those articles that I've linked above, please stop reading this present article and take the time to investigate those links. It's too important that you understand the background foundation for why Bill Salus, Chuck Missler and many others are beginning to believe that it's too late for 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and that the condition of American Christianity parallels the profile of God's people in Hosea 4:6 and Jeremiah 7:16 in which God Himself declares that His People, a people called By His Name are destroying themselves for a lack of knowledge (prophetic, Biblical knowledge) because they have rejected knowledge. So many Christians today treat the study of Bible Prophecy as an embarrassing sin. Speakers, teachers and even pastors are asked to leave churches once they've dared to approach the subject of Bible Prophecy. Amazing!!! Bible Prophecy covers more than a third of the Bible and it's how God chooses to authenticate His entire message. Only God knows the end from the beginning and then declares it.

From a recent article by Bill Salus...
"It’s high time that Christians sink their teeth into the imminent prophecies of the Bible. They need to understand them and then ask the Lord for protection, direction and opportunities to share the knowledge they glean from this process with others. It is knowledge that will help the people of God through the coming chaos. This knowledge is found in the prophetic word of God.

The Lord foreknew that the final generation would need lots of relevant information in order to live intelligent lives during the turbulent end times. As such, He imparted a plethora of prophetic knowledge ages ago through Christ, the apostles and the Hebrew prophets. This is where believers have to start. They need the information that was intended to equip them for the days in which they live. If this is the final generation, there is more written in the Bible about it than any other generation throughout history.

Don’t look for the Lord to lift up some political super hero, rather look to the Lord to lift up HIS HOLY PROPHETIC WORD for your equipping and evangelizing!

Now more than ever before in America, the primary individual focus needs to be on a personal relationship with Christ, rather than on any of the current political leadership. Perhaps the Lord will lift a political hero up inside America, but I’m concerned that as a nation we have arrived at the Jeremiah 7:16 point now. This implies that we need to prepare for a Hosea 4:6 moment."