Air Force Throws Out Vet For Saying 'God'

Jason Nobles, an old friend of mine, posted this video on his Facebook wall the other day and said, "Hearing that this happened makes my blood boil. As a Christian, it also gives me concern for where our nation is heading. How a nation that was founded on Christian principles and beliefs, has strayed so far and has come to the point that God cannot even be mentioned, is scary. I will post another video that shows retired Master Sargent Oscar Rodriguez giving this speech at another ceremony. It is very powerful. The speech even mentions that this flag represents freedom of religion and freedom of speech. However, it is these very rights that are being trampled upon."

This story is from last June. A Veteran was forcibly dragged away from an Air Force ceremony for daring to mention God in a classic speech that's been recited over and over again for decades. More can be found here, here and here about this case.

As I said to my buddy in the comment thread, we've been heading toward this for years. It's been camouflaged under the disguise of tolerance, understanding, and multi-multiculturalism, which most of us would agree is a good thing until we realize what it leads to. The United States has always had enemies. They could never defeat us openly. So they've been infiltrating our churches, our schools and our courts for the past 70 years and finally, this is where we are.

Gail Nobles responded and said, "What worries me the most as a grandparent is what this country/world will be like when they are adults and raising children! It's SO important that we steadily instill in them their continued faith as they will need it more than ever by then! My only hope is that we will all get to see the return of Christ soon. His prophecies are more evident to me than ever!!!"

I agree. A free and prosperous nation of laws, guided by Biblical principles, would be a stumbling block to the antichrist system that's prophesied to come. Knowing this has helped soften the blow of where things are going in our nation's history because of what it means prophetically. However, it's been a challenge for me to remain balanced in this. I'm a huge prophecy buff and I believe God always wanted us to think of Christ's return as something that could occur at any moment, without any signs to be fulfilled. But that command to "occupy until He comes" has always haunted me. So many Christians thought Hitler was the antichrist back in the 30s and 40s and did nothing, thinking Hitler was fulfilling prophetic destiny.

If we somehow survive this, we've GOT to teach our kids better than the millennials have been taught. They've been convinced that America was founded upon savage conquest and slaughter of native Americans, slavery, white supremacy, bigoted heterosexual male dominance, etc... The so-called separation of church and state has been twisted to mean something that it never meant. Basic historical truth has been re-written to suit an agenda driven program of deception and brainwashing.

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