Group Think + Poor Memory = The Mandela Effect

CERN has caused many of us to raise a few eyebrows in recent years, but blaming them for the Mandela Effect is going a bit too far. The Mandela Effect has taken the internet by storm and when asked about it, most Christian ministries are dropping the ball on this one.

It was during the month of May that I received my very first emailed question about what I thought of the so-called Mandela Effect. Of all the weird conspiracies I've investigated throughout the years, this was a new one beyond anything else I've entertained. Because of the mysterious experiments of CERN and the trans-dimensional nature of what they're trying to do, many people online (mostly at YouTube) believed they had personally discovered evidence which supports the idea that somehow, the familiar timeline of our space/time continuum had been altered.

This so-called phenomenon was introduced by Fiona Broome, a paranormal enthusiast who said that when Nelson Mandela died in 2013, she was stunned because she could have sworn Nelson Mandela actually died in prison over 20 years ago. When she began to discuss this with others who's limited knowledge of world events were just as limited as hers, she determined we're all living in an alternate reality in which history has been changed. So now, whenever someone makes a similar discovery in which the reality of the past conflicts with their personal memories, it's being called The Mandela Effect.

You can find countless examples at YouTube and other websites where people are making lists of things they remember being different from the way they've always been. Reading posts and watching videos titled, "Proof That We're Living In An Alternate Timeline" will lead you down a long list of trick questions which ask you about the spelling of movie titles and household products, famous lines in movies, lyrics in songs and even passages from the Bible. (And yes, they are trick questions. I'll explain that later.) Once you've been asked about what you remember, and once you've been led toward the answer we're all supposed to remember, the shocking truth will be revealed to you which will prove that the way things are, ARE NOT they way you remembered them.

The most shocking example of them all which sends everyone into a tailspin of horror and disbelief is the question about how we remember the Queen from Snow White addressing her mirror. Everybody knows she said, "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." right? After asking about such a well known and obvious quote, then a video clip is displayed showing the famous scene in which the Queen actually says, "Magic mirror on the wall..." for which you're now supposed to be aghast and shocked!!!! If the Queen said, "magic mirror" and not "mirror, mirror" then why do I (and everyone else in the world) remember her saying, "mirror, mirror"?

The first question that popped into my mind when I first heard about this was, "If our timeline has been altered, why hasn't my memory been altered with it? Wouldn't our memories have changed with everything else? Our memories are formed from what happens in the timeline, so if the timeline has changed, why haven't our memories changed with it? The same thing that would have changed the Queen's dialogue on our VHS tapes, our DVDs and everything else would have also changed her dialogue on our brain's memory banks."

So what's really going on?

At first, this was fun for me to research because I've entertained before a conjecture which presumes there could exist an infinite number of parallel dimensions which are made up of all the endless possibilities in linear time. These conjectures have been popularized by science-fiction writers for years resulting in series such as "Dr. Who" and "Quantum Leap". Previous conjectures of how history could be altered through changes in linear time have resulted in masterful productions such as the "Back To The Future" trilogy. When combining both theories, it's easy to presume theoretically that an endless volume of infinite dimensions could exist for each and every possible outcome based upon an infinite number of factors.

How do these theories jibe with Biblical theology? They really don't, but if you're like me, you like to stretch things a little bit when using the imagination. There is actually a passage of Scripture (Psalm 31:15) that might be a hint which is alluding to parallel dimensions of time which says, "my times are in His hands" Times? Plural?? This is just one of my wild and crazy conjectures, but please entertain this just for a moment...

Since we now know that non-linear time had a beginning (Genesis 1:1) and it was fractured into linear time after the fall of Adam, then could it be possible that the fracture of the time-domain could have created an infinite number of parallel dimensions of linear time but with different histories? Are all of the various outcomes of decisions and events actually existing simultaneously on a multi-layered drawing board of some kind? I don't mean to suggest that there are multiple Joshes out there with free-will, making different decisions resulting in different outcomes. But, could all of my potential toward any direction in life, be mapped out physically on some dimensional plane, but without soul and spirit? Is that how God knows the end from the beginning, because all possibilities within linear time are actually mapped out on an infinite number of layered parallel drawing boards? Does God have a trans-dimensional cursor that threads all of these timelines together at a point where all possibilities are available, but only one of those linear dimensions has life? Is that why God had to fracture time into a linear dimension after sin came into the world so that He could control the outcome of all human history without actually violating our free will? WOW!!!!

If it were possible for CERN to take all of us into a parallel universe, they wouldn't be able to do it without God knowing about it. But after watching several YouTube videos of people talking about the Mandela Effect, I've determined that the effect itself isn't the result of living in an altered timeline, but the result of bombarding cultural influences upon well known events that aren't as well known as we think they are. All of the examples I've found online can be easily debunked by anyone who has been as nerdy as I have been toward film and television.


When I first heard the Queen say, "Magic Mirror" instead of "Mirror, Mirror", I admit to being a little surprised. "How could this be? How have we all remembered something so different?" But then, I had to be honest with myself. How many times have I actually watched Disney's Snow White? Not that many. At most, about 4 or 5 times in my 41 years of life. So let's be even more honest. My memory of what the Queen said isn't really based upon what I heard her say in the movie, but upon what I've heard everybody else say since the fairy tale was first told to me in preschool. So the real question isn't about my own memory of the movie, but the collective memory of the culture. Why does everyone quote the Queen saying "mirror, mirror" if she actually said, "magic mirror"?

The original fairy tale of "Snow White" precedes the existence of the Disney animated classic by at least 125 years. It was from Grimm's Fairy Tale that the Queen said, "mirror mirror on the wall" and that's why we all remember it that way. But for whatever reason, the Disney film changed that line because Disney was always changing things just a little bit to suit his own poetic taste. The adventure ride in Orlando's Disney World called "The Adventure Of Snow White" began with a scene of the Queen standing before her mirror and there, it was changed back to the familiar line from Grimm's Fairy Tale. It's interesting that Star Trek did an episode in 1967 about parallel dimensions and it was ironically titled, "Mirror, Mirror".


This reminds me of how everybody likes to quote Darth Vader saying, "Luke, I Am Your Father" but he never actually said that. He said, "Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father." Luke said, "He told me enough, he told me you killed him." Vader replied, "No, I Am your father."

I remember in 1997 when George Lucas re-released the Star Wars trilogy and made changes, I got into an argument with a friend who thought that Vader's line was changed to say, "No, I am your Father". But I argued with him about it and said, "No, you're wrong. It's always been that way. Go back home, watch your original VHS that you bought back in the 1980s and you'll see I'm right." He called me up on the phone and said, "Well, you were right. How come I remember it differently?" And I said, "It's because everyone in school, even kids who didn't see the movie, was running around saying, "Luke, I Am Your Father". It's iconic, even though it's never been quoted that way. Most of us as kids hadn't seen the film yet, but we were all running around saying 'L-L-LUUUKE.... I...AM...YOUR...FATHER!!!" "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This reminds me of how people often quote Bela Lugosi from the original 1931 Hollywood version of "Dracula" using Lugosi's thick Hungarian accent saying, "I Vant To Dr-r-rink (roll the 'R') your blood." But he never says that at any time in the entire film.

These are not false memories (or memories of an alternate timeline), these are cultural influences on memories.


Another piece of shocking evidence is the change in our timeline of how Berenstein Bears is spelled. In our current, twisted, unholy timeline created by CERN, those evil wizards have changed the spelling of 'Berenstein Bears' into 'Berenstain Bears'. Oh the horror!!!!!

But folks, I've seen it spelled both ways! Why? Because the original author chose to spell it with an "a" for reasons I don't know, but it's always been that way. It goes against the grain of the spelling in our minds because as a name, "Berenstain" is an inaccurate spelling. Not that any of us geniuses are masters of spelling, since none of us can write anymore without the aid of auto-correct or spell-check, but when we see "stain" instead of "stein" it doesn't look right because we know in names, "stein" is the most common spelling, i.e. Frankenstein, Rogers & Hammerstein, etc... But the author of "Berenstain Bears" can spell it any way he wants to and apparently, he did.


Another example is the collective memory of the first 7 words to Mr. Roger's iconic theme song. We've all quoted it and heard others quote it. But Mr. Roger's always said, "THIS Neighborhood" rather than "THE Neighborhood". What's amazing to me is how quickly everyone jumps to the conclusion that space/time has been altered rather than asking themselves, "How well did I really know that song, anyway? How did the rest of it go? If I can't remember the next words in the song, how can I be so certain that Mr. Roger's never in a million years said, 'THIS' instead of 'THE'?"


There are Biblical examples of this too where Christians say their entire lives that the Bible says something and when you actually read the Bible, you find it's nowhere in there. Is this a false memory? No, it's an accurate memory of what you've heard all your life, but what you've heard all your life doesn't match what the Bible actually says. This is what drives my whole ministry at Founding Word which is to prove to Christians that the Bible (not the pulpit) is where we should go for answers to our questions. CERN hasn't changed the Bible, you've just discovered that an often quoted passage of Scripture is somewhat different from what you've heard all your life.

Think about it folks. God would never use the lion as an idiom for the enemy of the sheep. It's the wolf who's always been the mortal enemy of the sheep in Scripture and in real life. We speak of wolves in sheep's clothing, not lions in sheep's clothing. During the reign of Christ on the Earth, it makes much more sense that Scripture would prophecy that the wolf and the lamb would lay down together, as the old order of hostility has ceased. I'm sure I've even quoted "The Lion Shall Lay Down With The Lamb" as the point being made is the same and it's a popular cliche'. But the Scripture has always been more precise in that it describes the wolf and the lamb, laying down together.

By the way, the freak-out over these so-called changes in the Bible are at the heart of what this psy-op is really all about. Those who started the viral spreading of these questions already know the answers I'm giving you here in this post. The questions were trick questions carefully crafted to create doubt in the eternal faithfulness of God's Word. Most of the changes described are deceitful questions taking advantage of multiple English translations which are different than the familiar phrases which existed long before the creation of the King James Bible. (For example, the word "rapture" does not appear in the English Bible, but did appear in the Latin Bible which existed long before the 1611 King James Bible.)


Another common example given online is the perceived view that "Interview With THE Vampire" was originally titled "Interview With A Vampire". But I went to the theater in 1994 to see "Interview With The Vampire" and I bought the motion picture soundtrack on CD, and as soon as the film became available on video, I bought the video. It has always been "Interview with THE Vampire". So why do people swear they remember it differently?

Read the title, "Interview With The Vampire" out loud and say it fast, as you would commonly say it to others in reference. How many English speaking people today actually pronounce the word "THE" as "THEE"? No one! No one says, "THEE" anymore. They say, "THUH" So what's happening is that people say "A" instead of "THE" when speaking the title out-loud because the letters "TH" at the end of the word "WITH" take away from the "TH" in the word "THE" so that it sounds like people are actually saying, "Interview WITHA Vampire".

Do you see how cleverly deceptive this psy-op really is? Do you really think the original posters of these questions didn't know exactly what they were doing?

It's similar to when I was 5 years old, I thought "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" was "Raiders Of The Loss Dark" or when I thought the word "Drum" was spelled "Jrum" because I thought "Jrum" was what people were saying when speaking the word "Drum". We 5-year-olds don't know how to talk, so when I began to learn how to spell, I was surprised to learn that "Jrum" was actually spelled AND PRONOUNCED, "Drum".


The movie "Jaws" was one of my favorites back in the 80's and people today at YouTube are insisting that the famous line "We're gonna need a bigger boat" has been changed to "You're gonna need a bigger boat". They even show the video of Chief Brody's first time to use that line. But the fact is, BOTH LINES WERE SAID IN THE MOVIE BY CHIEF BRODY!!!!!

Those creating this psy-op have cleverly chosen to show only the scene where "You're" is said instead of the commonly used, "We're". This is done on purpose to further advance the illusion of an altered timeline.


Another big FREAK OUT people are going nuts over is the spelling of Looney Tunes with a "U" as if they have never noticed that before. The Warner Brothers animation studios were in hot competition with Disney animation and at the time, Disney had begun a series of animated shorts focusing on musical timing and artistic recreations of things in nature. Disney called these animated shorts, "Silly Symphonies". To compete, Warner Brothers started there own animated shorts focusing on artistic musical timing and called them, "Merry Melodies."

In time, Warner Brothers decided to focus more on adult comedy rather than artistic musical timing and began a new series of animated shorts filled with comedy and satire portrayed by zany characters of mental instability. This brought rise to characters such as Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Fog-Horn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd, Wile E. Coyote, etc... To keep this new series of animated shorts under the umbrella of "Merry Melodies", they decided to call them, "Looney Tunes".

It has always been this way, this is nothing new. The reason people are having their minds tricked is because "toons" is obviously short for "cartoons" and we all think it should be spelled this way. It's probably also influenced by the fact that Warner Brothers did create a new series of animated shorts in the 1990's called "Tiny Toons" which this time, chose to spell the word with "oo" instead of "U".

People have the right to remember things the way they want to. Just don't tell me that CERN has altered space/time and transported the entire human race into an alternate dimension just because you don't remember Looney Tunes being spelled "Tunes" instead of "Toons".


Why do you suppose everyone remembers the famous line from "Apollo 13" as "Houston, we have a problem" when the line is actually "Houston, we've had a problem?" It's because the filmed scene where Tom Hanks actually says, "We HAVE a problem" was the scene that was used in all of the coming attraction previews and TV commercials. All of us in the United States saw Tom Hanks over and over again for several weeks, if not months say, "Houston, We HAVE a problem." But when we actually went to see the film in the theater, or when it came out on video or cable television, we saw the theatrical version in which Tom Hanks said, "Houston, We've HAD a problem".

Stuff like this happens all the time in movies. I remember many quotes from several films I've seen throughout the years, use more bold and dramatic versions in commercials while using more subtle versions in the actual release. Why do they do this? I'm not sure, but they've been doing it for years.

Don't think those who created these lists of questions didn't already know this. There is an agenda behind these mind games.

I have to admit that the more I investigate the so-called Mandela Effect, the angrier I get. It's not the Effect itself that angers me, but that people have bought into this psy-op so hard that they're refusing to believe they've been tricked. They would rather believe that there has been a space/time displacement before entertaining the possibility that their memory could be wrong.


I'm now reacting to a handful of videos that I've watched in which people just can't believe that the product "Drano" never had an "i" in it's name in the history of plumbing products, EVER!!! YouTube commenters underneath the video who don't share their memories of an alternate reality (where Drano was spelled with an "i") are being accused of having not paid enough attention to the spelling before and that's why they don't notice the changes in the timeline. But they are the ones who haven't been paying attention!

They adamantly insist with heated anger and emotion that they have actually seen Drano spelled "Draino" and the rest of us are blinded to the changes in the timeline. Then there are those who point to the overwhelming magnitude of their own emotional response as the only evidence you need to prove that their own memories MUST BE TRUE. Those of us who remember the facts of history are irrelevant. It's the seriousness of their emotional response which proves that there really WAS a time when Drano was spelled Draino.

Those of us who don't think CERN has altered space/time are accused of living in denial according to some. The magnitude of self-delusion at the mere power of suggestion is something that never ceases to amaze me. I went to bed last night looking up at the roof saying, "well, Lord, they're primed and ready. All the antichrist has to do is just show up."

It would be like me writing to you saying, "JFK was never killed in Dallas, he was killed in Houston and I know because I remember it and you've been swept away by the changes in the timeline."

The sad truth is that NONE OF US EVER NOTICED ANYTHING DIFFERENT UNTIL AFTER IT WAS SUGGESTED TO US IN THESE YOUTUBE VIDEOS. We can be victims of such a herd-mentality that we become unable to actually think and process information or remember things accurately. But now it's even worse!! Now when someone doesn't remember things accurately, it's the one who actually remembers the truth who is accused of being blind while the one who remembers error is considered gifted.


Here's another one that is the result of the power of suggestion. I found myself getting a little spooked myself. But the illusion of map differences is due to people remembering the way things look on a round globe, or when the curvature of the earth is simulated on flat maps. When you actually stretch it out to make it a flat 2D map, things look differently. South America isn't directly under North America. It never has been, unless you include the curvature of the earth on your 2D map.

Again, I can't focus enough on the fact that those who have created these trick questions and suggestive illusions know exactly what they're doing. Despite everything I've written, people will believe the lie. Their personal experiences will overrule the truth. This happens all too often in Christianity today.


I only mention this here because it's gaining momentum along with the Mandela Effect. Apparently, according to some folks, Darwinian evolution isn't the only big lie that modern science has adopted and shoved down our throats. Evidently, the pagan elites of the middle ages came up with the round earth theory centuries ago to discredit Christianity and we're all still buying into it because none of us have actually seen the earth from space except for doctored photographs from NASA who's in on the conspiracy.

That's right folks!! You heard me right!! These people are actually saying with all seriousness that they believe the Earth is flat!!

How the heck are we as serious Christians supposed to scientifically refute Darwinian Evolution and promote Biblical Creation while there are other Christians out there promoting a flat earth? For crying out loud!!!!

The flat-earth conspiracy is built upon the foundation of NASA coverups and mysteries around Antarctica, WHICH ARE ALL VALID CONSPIRACIES, BUT... that doesn't mean the earth is flat.

That just means that something else is being covered up which could be it's own interesting little post, but we won't get into that here.

Some people just want to discover something new to blow their minds but don't we have enough already?? Isn't it enough to know that alien abductions are real and they're being committed by fallen angels who are creating hybrid offspring without believing in a flat earth that's been changed by CERN taking us into the 29th dimension where Drano is spelled without an "i" and Loony Toons is spelled with a "U" instead of "oo"?

So what about all the places in the Bible where it says the earth is flat?    IT DOESN'T!!!    QUIT SAYING THAT IT DOES!!!    YOU'RE INSULTING THE SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY OF GOD'S WORD!!!    The Bible does not and has never promoted a flat earth! This is a typical case of people drawing symbolism where God is being literal, and drawing literal from where God is being symbolic. You have to actually WANT the earth to be flat in order to find the evidence they're finding, be it in life or in Scripture. It's worse than the Mandela Effect in that each and every reason I've found, I have the solution to their dilemma and it's basic common sense. They would see it too, if they weren't being obtuse about all of this.

Can't you folks see how Satan is using this garbage to discredit the Bible? It's the Founding Word of everything we know and believe! It's the only thing in all the universe that God Himself holds higher than even His Own Name!!!! So no wonder people are promoting that it's been changed by CERN or that it promotes a flat earth. And Christians are biting hook, line and sinker.