" My Name Is Legion "

There was an individual recorded in Scripture who had become possessed by as many as 6000 demons! Once these demons had become aware that Jesus was headed in their direction from across the sea, they conjured up a violent storm and sent it over into his location. When they realized that the storm hadn't stopped Jesus from coming ashore, they ran up to meet him, begging that they might be allowed to escape into a herd of 2000 hogs. What's really strange is that Jesus actually gave it! Once permission was given, the man was healed and all 2000 of those hogs went wild and committed mass suicide, stampeding over a cliff and drowning into the sea. I love what Chuck Missler calls this scenario, "the case of the deviled ham," which I stole for the title of this post. But here's a fact that should cause all of us to be a little spooked. A demonically induced violent storm couldn't turn Jesus back. 6000 enraged demons couldn't turn Jesus back. After all that the demonic realm had done to stop Jesus from coming into town, something did finally force Jesus to turn back... it was the fear and unbelief from the town's people who saw what had happened.

16 Minutes
May 7, 2010

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