Understanding Biblical Forgiveness

The need to forgive is something we hear a lot about but very few can explain how it's done. Even our dictionaries run around in circles attempting to define the word forgiveness without any real success. Psychology has built an empire on counseling because of our collective inability to heal from past hurts. Many of us in an attempt to heal through forced forgiveness wind up hurting ourselves even more without really knowing why.

From God's perspective, the ability to forgive is dependent upon the blood of Jesus Christ. Without Christ's blood, it is impossible for even the Father to forgive. So if God Himself cannot forgive without the blood, then how can we? The Scriptures indicate that the transfer of our transgressions onto the cross, brought God personal satisfaction. But how? How did the Father receive healing from the blood? And if God Himself cannot heal from his own hurts without the blood of Jesus Christ, then how can we be expected to?

Satan has done a masterful job of covering up and completely hiding the truth about what it takes for anyone to be able to forgive and heal from past hurts. The key ingredient, the fuel that makes it possible, THE ONLY WAY TO BE ABLE TO FORGIVE ANYONE OF ANYTHING requires the blood of Jesus Christ. Without the blood of Christ, attempting to forgive actually causes us more harm. It's unhealthy both physically and spiritually. Forgiveness is not about the other person, it's not even about the transgression. Forgiveness is about healing from the hurt that a transgression has caused which only the blood of Jesus Christ can heal. But how is the blood applied? How does that work? Folks, I've been studying the Bible since 1995 and it wasn't until THIS VERY YEAR that I learned what I'm about to share with you in this session.

1 Hour 23 Minutes
August 23, 2012

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