It's Time To Get Serious About How We Pray

As I'm sure that most of you already know, the state of New York has passed an act that legalized the abortion of a child all the way up to the moment of labor and even after birth. What's worse, is that when this act was passed and announced, it got a standing ovation in the New York state Senate. Other states in the nation are planning to follow their lead.

Propaganda is an amazing tool. It has the power to alter perceptions at every level. It can take an obvious fact of reality and change it to look like something completely different than what it actually is. This is exactly what's been done with the subject of abortion.

Without the aid of politics or propaganda, abortion is simply a procedure in which a living and growing child within a mother's womb is cut up and ripped out limb by limb while it kicks and squirms and bleeds. That's all it is. No politics interjected, no Christian dogma, those are simply the facts. That's what an abortion is.

Despite the obvious simplicity of reality, the subject of abortion has been politically propagandized into an issue of privacy and vital necessity to protect women from rapists and evil men. Those who oppose abortion might as well be the rapists themselves. Those who haven't been brainwashed by this propaganda are the subjects of mainstream political hatred and persecution. Good is called evil and evil is called good. If memory serves, I believe God pronounced woes against those who do that in Isaiah 5:20.

Abortion is an issue that has been used to manufacture an emotional disdain for those who love and follow God. The procedure itself has also been used to supply the needed innocent blood for pagan and satanic rituals. If you don't believe me, find out where professed satanists work. Find out more about who really works at Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics.

It's amazing how schizophrenic the definition of morality has become in the last decade or so. We live in a culture today in which minorly offensive words spoken out loud or typed online have become justifiable reasons for the wiping out of one's entire online identity, for the termination of one's job and even for public harassment and physical violence. Meanwhile, the same group of people who are such rigid followers of all that is appropriate, will stand up and defend the murders of more than 60 million children since 1973. What we have allowed and endured in this nation in the name of a woman's right to choose makes the Nazi holocaust look like a picnic. I'm sick and tired of this satanic demonic crowd of killers telling the rest of us how to talk as if like Sunday school teachers, they feel we need educating as to what words are and are not appropriate to use... all while they defend and promote infanticide. I'm sick of it. People who defend the ritualistic blood sacrifice of human babies haven't the right to lecture anyone else about what is and isn't offensive.

What baffles me the most are the christians who defend abortion. I know the book of Isaiah was specifically written to the nation of Israel and not the church, but I can't help but be reminded of what God personally said in Isaiah 1:15 when I hear Christians defend abortion:
"When you raise your hands in prayer, I will hide my eyes from you. Yes, even though you say many prayers, I will not listen to you for your hands are covered in blood."
Many Christians are justifiably concerned over how God may respond to our nation in this recent turn of events. It's also a subject of scholastic debate. The Scripture gives us examples of how God deals with kings and kingdoms. The United States, however, isn't a kingdom. We're a nation of the people. We don't have a king or a body of rulers per say, we actually govern ourselves through a democratically elected body of representatives.

If what's taking place in government is an accurate representation of what we the people in the land really want, then WE THE PEOPLE are due for judgment. If, however, what's taking place is the result of propaganda, deception and an over-bloated government that's overstepping its constitutional authority, then what we're REALLY talking about is a demonically driven dictatorship in progress that needs to be defeated.

A facebook friend made an interesting comment on my page yesterday and said...
I don’t think our nation is lost. I think however we are seeing the beginning of the end. I believe the evil that used to stay covered and do it’s dirty business in the darkness is now stepping out in boldness and showing itself. I see good and evil dividing up a firm line between us. When I tell people this I give the example of the Stephen King novel “The Stand”. I believe it isn’t too late.

I also believe that the body of Christ must step out even more boldly. We have an opportunity through facebook & other social platforms to unite in prayer against this war on the innocent, to cover the innocent and those that disagree with what the government of that state is doing.

What I want to know Joshua P. Allem, is it wrong to pray that New York be brought to its knees, to suffer some sort of catastrophic event as an example of God's grief at what is happening there? Can we step out in prayer and ask for judgment on that state? Should we?
I responded and said...
I agree with everything you said, however, rather than praying for judgment against New York (since not everyone in New York agrees with what happened), I would pray (and have been praying) the prayer of Psalm 35 and similar Psalms in which the righteous of the land are praying for God to intervene and fight against the wicked in the land.

What we're praying for is God's healing of our land. The first step for us Christians is to acknowledge and repent of OUR sins first. (2nd Chronicles 7:14) Once that's done, then we can ask God to deal with the wicked in the land.

There's also a factor of mass deception. There are actually a lot of good people out there who are badly, horribly deceived. So what I've been doing is praying two prayers, first that God would reveal the truth to those who've been deceived and convict them HARD so that they would agree with HIS position on things rather than whatever CNN tells them.

Then as for the rest of us, I pray the prayer of Psalm 35 because it perfectly fits what we need to be praying for. I take that prayer every day and replace the words "me" with whatever or whoever needs the prayer, whether it's righteous leaders, or just the Christians throughout the land.

Psalm 35 is a prayer for God to personally fight against those who fight against us, so that covers both physical and spiritual enemies. It also covers those who plan and plot against those "who are quiet in the land" and I believe that covers both unborn babies as well as righteous Christians who just don't know what to do or say about what's going on.

Most Christians keep their mouths shut. Most of us don't like making waves and stirring things up. We just prefer to let the wicked be wicked and just let God deal with them in His own way in His own timing. The prayer of Psalm 35 indicates, however, that those who are quiet in the land are the target of impending destruction by hateful enemies and the one praying the prayer knows this to be the case!! That's why he's praying!!

So whether it's Christians who are awake and know what's going on, or Christians who are asleep, they're both the target of plots and schemes by hate-filled foes "who do not seek peace" according to that Psalm.

So yes, I don't see a problem with praying for God's justice, so long as we first pray and deal with our sin first, because a lot of us have contributed to this nation's sin in one form or another. I'm one of them. I had to deal with that first. That's what 2nd Chronicles 7:14 is all about. But once that's done, Psalm 35 turns the Lord Jesus Himself loose over the wicked in the land. Yes.
I would also like to add that Psalm 143 is another good prayer to pray in addition to this.

Christians need to get engaged in the spiritual war that's being waged against us. We need to quit praying like civilians and start praying like soldiers, every day. This is what the book of Psalms is for. It's a soldier's (and a shepherd's) prayer book.