F5 Tornado Hits Joplin, Missouri

May 22, 2011

Another tornado outbreak is sweeping across the midwest right now. The worst so far has been an EF5 Tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri. This tornado was over a mile wide! Storm chasers Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski of "Tornado Alley Video" were there. The following quote is from their YouTube upload which says,
"On May 22, 2011 an EF-5 Monster Tornado over a mile wide leveled portions of the Southwest side of Joplin, Missouri. Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski knew that the atmosphere that day was going to be extremely volatile and Jeff mentioned many times in his forecast about storms near Joplin. No truer words were spoken as the day unfolded and a tornadic storm developed near Galena, Kansas which traveled on to Joplin and dropped a horrific wedge tornado. Jeff and Kathryn traveled through the city of Joplin not hearing sirens, Jeff yells at a policeman on Hwy 66 or 7th "To get the sirens going" and it wasn't soon enough. Already the tornado had grown in size massively and was intensifying...Jeff and Kathryn filmed it down 20th St. and afterwards turned on the first street they came to which was Iowa Ava. Jeff and Kathryn had filmed this EF-5 within blocks of from 20th. Iowa Ave. was devastated with many fatalities and some survivors. Jeff and Kathryn immediately went into help mode and did what they could to help, comfort and console. God Bless Joplin. The dog "Eddie" actually survived because he was in his crate when the tornado hit....the home was destroyed...his owners were gone for the afternoon, they were unharmed (physically). SPCA disaster rescue picked him up after I found him and he lives happily with his family to this day."

This next video is from the dash-cam of a trucker just passing through Joplin, unaware of the F5 tornado that's directly in his path because it was covered in rain. He had made that route countless times before and thought this was just another typical storm. The skies turned black as midnight before overturning his truck and breaking the windshield. The driver survived and personally uploaded this video to his YouTube account to show his family.