Monster Tornadoes In Oklahoma

May 24, 2011

The tornado outbreak which started on the 21st is still going on right now which has produced more than 200 tornadoes so far. Fortunately, none of them have matched the devastation of the one that hit Joplin on the 22nd, but since Joplin, there have been many other monster tornadoes to get caught on camera by storm chasers and bystanders during this present outbreak. This first video was filmed near Lookeba, Oklahoma. "This extremely close-up video details incredibly violent, chaotic motion within the main vortex of this long-tracked tornado -- something rarely captured on video." In my opinion, they got way too close to this one. But I'm glad they got it on film. (Content Warning: Rated PG for language.)

This next video is from KDR Media chaser, Robert Hettchen. He captured this large tornado on Canton Lake, Oklahoma. Robert was positioned on the dam when the tornado approached.