Dallas Tornado Seen Tossing 18-Wheelers Into The Air

April 3, 2012

Another tornado outbreak spawned over 20 tornadoes around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In this first video, "David Horner documented this destructive tornado in Kennedale, Texas from the southbound lane of U.S. 287 just south of I-20. This tornado eventually grew to 1/4 mile in width, traveled into nearby Arlington and caused extensive damage; it was rated EF-2." It looks like an angry brooding spirit as it hovers and churns over the interstate. Some of these drivers seem to behave as though they think they can drive through it. They must be drivers from Tyler. Make sure to watch this in FULL SCREEN folks. It's incredible footage.

This next video is even more incredible as the tornado is seen picking up and tossing around 18-wheelers like little toy trucks.