CNN Video: The Miami "Zombie" Attack

Thanks to the recent success of "The Walking Dead" and other zombie films, everybody wants to keep calling this guy a zombie. The mainstream media just doesn't know what to do with demonic possession. Demons have always taken advantage of opportunities to possess their victims when they're under an altered state of mind produced by drugs. The case we're hearing about coming out of Florida is a typical and classic case of demonic possession: Super-human strength; growling; cannibalism, being naked in public; it's classic to anyone who's ever done even the smallest amount of research in demonic possession. What CNN fails to mention in this news clip is that after the autopsy and toxicology report came back, it was discovered that there were no bath salts or drugs of any kind found in his system. There seems to be a discrepancy among some agencies which insist that traces of synthetic marijuana could have been in his system without detection. The supernatural worldview is unacceptable, therefore tests were run over and over again until they found what they wanted to find, a definitive sign that marijuana was indeed in his system at the time of the attack. But if marijuana could be responsible for this type of behavior, then the United States should have been overtaken by a zombie-apocalypse over 5 decades ago. (Posted May 31, 2012.)

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