IAF Ensures Target Is Clear Of Civilians Before Striking

November 19, 2012

Much of the supernatural hatred toward Israel has spawned propaganda campaigns, accusing Israel of being bloodthirsty war mongers. But this video clearly shows the complete opposite. Thousands of IDF reservists were called up as Operation Pillar of Defense began. They left their jobs and families for one purpose -- to defend their homes.

Israel has been accused of slaughtering innocent victims, but in this video, you'll hear the Israeli Air Force call off an airstrike when pilots spot uninvolved civilians near the target. It isn't Israel who kills the innocent. She would be justified in doing so since her enemies choose to use civilians as human shields. But that's not Israel's style.

In this video, the Israeli Air Force identifies rocket launchers in the act of firing rockets at Israel. You can see that the IAF ensures the area of the target is clear of civilians before striking.