IDF: Operation Pillar Of Cloud

November 15, 2012

Yesterday, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) began an operation called, "Operation Pillar Of Defense (In Hebrew, "Pillar Of Cloud") to halt rocket attacks against civilian targets in Israel originating from the Gaza Strip. Over the past 12 years, the residents of southern Israel have suffered over 12,000 rockets fired at them from the Gaza Strip. The following video is but a small glimpse into what their life has looked like over the years. Click here for a crash course on Israel.

Rocket attacks from Gaza have escalated in resent months. The terror group Hamas benefits from using its own people as human shields. Most of Hamas' military infrastructure is purposely placed in the middle of Gaza City and scattered throughout crowded refugee camps, further putting civilians in the direct line of fire. In this video, uploaded online by Hamas on October 27, you can see rockets being fired from urban living areas in the Gaza Strip. These are the same areas Hamas operatives convert to terror sites and weapon caches.

The following video, filmed in Nabi Saleh on Friday November 2nd, shows Palestinian parents pressing their children to provoke IDF soldiers -- a side of the demonstrations not usually talked about, despite it being a frequent occurrence.

I was startled to discover two different words with two different meanings from two separate languages which have an amazing coincidence going for them. They both have the same pronunciation! They are not synonyms, since they are of two separate languages. The one in Arabic, means "devotion and zeal in the path of Allah". The other in Hebrew means "cruel injustice through violence". The word I'm speaking of is the word "Hamas." The terror organization that is now attacking Israel, calls itself "Hamas" which means, "devotion and zeal in the path of Allah." Meanwhile, whenever you read the prayers of Israel in the Psalms, asking God to deliver Israel from violence, I can't help but notice the irony in that the original Hebrew word for violence is "Hamas." So they're literally asking God to deliver Israel from Hamas. Play the audio clip for the sound of it's pronunciation.