Factors That Invite Demonic Activity
And How To Reverse Them

All Christians are engaged in Spiritual Warfare at least on some level, but when paranormal phenomena begins to manifest itself in ways such as a sudden overbearing weight of anxiety or depression, poltergeist or paranormal activity, sleep paralysis, unwelcomed out-of-body experiences or night terrors, then it's because somewhere there has been opened a hidden channel between yourself and the demonic realm.

God has placed around all of us, a protective barrier between what we would call the natural world (the 1st Heaven) and the supernatural world (the 2nd Heaven). God has also placed certain rules over the demonic realm which strictly confines all of their behavior to the permissive will of human beings. Satan's entire history has always been one of massive deception in order to deceive man into giving him the permission he needs to usurp his own agenda over God's. So when it comes to any manner of demonic phenomena, it's happening because somewhere, permission has been granted by someone, and an open door (an entry) has been created for the demonic realm to manifest themselves.

The Christian's catch-all term for these open doors, are "entries". When you hear Christians speak of entries, this is what they're talking about: open doors that Satan, fallen angels and demons have been invited to walk through and manifest themselves. A more sci-fi sounding term that you might be more familiar with, would call them portals. The horror film term, would call it a gate. Vincent Price in the film, "Haunted Palace", spoke in Latin before a demonic altar saying "open the gates".

No human being, unless he were a Satanist or a fool, would intentionally open doors into the demonic realm, inviting these entities into their personal lives to destroy them. Therefore, Satan and his forces have come up with an endless list of hidden factors, camouflaged practices and/or emotional attitudes that are masterfully engineered to create these open doors. Some of them are obvious to the learned Christian, some of them are more covert.

Below is a list of factors that are classically known to be demonic entries. I published this list as part of an earlier post some weeks ago, but I wanted to single it out and publish it here under it's own heading to give it the full attention it deserves.

1. Paul made it very clear in I Corinthians 10:20 that the worship of a false god, even in ignorance, is the worship of a demon. Also, many of the practices associated with false religions are classically similar to what the Bible would call classic witchcraft. Therefore, any previous following of false religions, especially demonic religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Voodoo, Scientology, New Age, etc... would have created an open door. You may be intellectually free from those previously held beliefs, but the opened doors that you opened are still open. Even the following of these religions in your family background within the previous 4 generations could make you vulnerable for attack. Anyone you live with can open doors if you live with someone who worships a false god or performs religious practices associated with that false deity.

2. Any form of anti-God arrogance can open a door. Those who arrogantly take sport in making fun of Christians or the God of the Bible are opening doors. Any form of rebellion, consistent immorality, impurity, greed, or gluttony associated with anti-God arrogance will most certainly open doors.

3. Sins of the mind where the person does not retain control over their thoughts such as drug use, transcendental meditation, occultism, hypnosis, etc... all of which will open doors.
Various forms of meditation are productive depending on how it's done. God would have us meditate on the Word of God in prayer. This is healthy meditation. However, other forms of meditation such as "emptying your mind" or "being one with the universe" is NOT healthy. The Bible would have us re-focus our mind on God and His Word, and renew our mind as Romans 12:2 states rather than to simply empty our mind. Relaxing to peaceful sounds is O.K. so long as it's not to put yourself into a trancelike state. Prayer is better than meditation because God is there with you, and you have someone to talk to and to listen. Meditating on God's Word while you pray is very rewarding. Other forms of meditation, I haven't investigated fully, so I don't wish to come out and say it's all demonic, but I've been informed by many who were attacked through open doors they accidentally created via different forms of meditation which induced them into trances.

4. Uncontrolled anger will open doors.

5. Attitudinal issues: feelings of excessive guilt, sorrow, deep depression, lack of mental peace, etc... will open doors.

6. Lack of sexual self-control (porn addictions or an extravagant sexual lifestyle) will open doors.

7. Disobedience to known truth, secular values, etc... will open doors.

8. It's comforting to know that we can be emotionally honest and naked before our Lord when we pray, but always remember that demons are listening also. Therefore, insolence or sarcasm toward Christ in prayer can open doors for demonic intrusion.

9. Breaking marriage vows and cheating on your spouse... will open very BIG doors for demonic intrusion.

10. Voluntary participation with demons or the spirit world in a non-Biblical context, such as investigation of haunted houses and graveyards for entertainment ALWAYS opens up doors for demonic intrusion. I once knew a girl who was hit in the face twice while investigating a graveyard, and after she had gone home, it hit her again. She also began having attacks of night terrors and sleep paralysis.
Other examples of participating with the spirit world in a non-Biblical context would include self-induced out-of-body experiences or astral projection. It's one thing to accidentally run into this phenomenon by mistake, it's quite another to voluntarily seek it out. Doing so will open up some very big doors for demonic intrusion.

Seeking contact with aliens or ghosts through mediums or psychic channelers, or using techniques such as automatic writing, ouija boards or white noise will open some very big doors.

Seeking out premonitions of the future through psychics, fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot cards are all open doors for demonic intrusion.

Observing others on television participating with the spirit world in a non-Biblical context could also provoke demonic intrusion. Since angels and demons are trans-dimensional, then they are capable of seeing and hearing into the homes of everyone who observes what is being recorded on a ghost-hunting documentary. Most ghost-hunting documentaries are now filming the process in which they are calling out the spirits either casually or formally through a seance. Just because we're watching it on TV, doesn't mean we're not vulnerable to what we're observing. When we watch and wait and listen for signs through a seance, even a recorded seance, we're participating with the spirit world in a non-Biblical context. That will open doors for demonic intrusion.

Don't overlook practices that are disguised as Christian practices, but are actually forms of witchcraft and necromancy such as "slaying in the spirit" or speaking in tongues in a non-Biblical way or praying to Christian patriarchs such as Mary, the Apostles or anyone of the faith who has previously died. Any of this could open up doors for demonic intrusion. We aren't to pray to angels either. We pray to God the Father, through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. No prayers to angels or dead people.

11. This next practice may or may not be an entry. I put a big question mark by the exercise technique that is known as "Yoga". I've heard a lot of talk about Yoga being something that opens doors for demonic intrusion. I haven't investigated it enough to know why it's an entry, but I felt I would be remiss in not at least sharing with you what I've heard. Investigate this prayerfully for yourself and come to your own conclusions. If it were me, if I could accomplish the same thing as Yoga without doing Yoga, then I'd do the other thing just to be safe. From what I've heard, the exercise positions are emulating purposeful body-language invitations that Eastern religions used to use to openly invite spirits to possess their bodies. I haven't tracked that down, so research this one for yourself folks.

12. This next factor is one where Satan really hits below the belt. I've never known the devil to fight fair, but this is really low. One factor that can make a person vulnerable to demonic activity is the unwary submission to these forces accidentally as a child, when you don't really know what's going on. If you've been subjected to out-of-body experiences since birth, if it's something you're accustomed to, then there's no way of knowing when those doors were first opened, who opened them or why. Children may be born around opened doors for demonic intrusion that were opened by other family members unintentionally. In their case, these children are unwitting accomplices as their open-mind encourages the demonic entities to further open the doors as the child develops into maturity.

13. Child sacrifice is a massive open door. Therefore, if you've had an abortion, you most likely have a very large open door. Abortion is a satanic, ritualistic, blood sacrifice. If the baby dies on it's own, it's a tragedy. If you kill the baby, it's child sacrifice whether you want to see it that way or not, that's what it is.

14. Chanting demonic invitations will open doors for demonic intrusion. You might think, "Well Duh!" But you'd be surprised how many lyrics to songs on the top-40 charts have demonic invitations in them. All you have to do is sing along and you've just accidentally chanted a demonic invitation. The song "ET" by Katy Perry sounds like an innocent, creative, sci-fi type song in which the subject of alien abduction is just a device that's being used for entertainment. Michael Jackson brought zombies to the top-40 charts back in the early 1980's, so why can't Katy Perry bring aliens to the top-40 charts now? Knowing what we know about the intrusion of fallen angels via the alien motif, just read the lyrics to that song and you'll see why. When an innocent little teen has sung out loud the lyrics to "ET" by Katy Perry, she has just unwittingly chanted 20 individual invitations to fallen angels that she is ready, willing and able to be taken for abduction and to be impregnated in the classic profile of Genesis 6. There even includes the lines, "Could you be an angel? Could you be the devil? It's supernatural! Take me!! Take me!!! Infect me with your poison!!!"

15. Last but not least, a final factor that may open doors for demonic intrusion is a targeted attack by someone else who is using witchcraft against you. I've been the target of witchcraft several times since the publishing of articles like this one. Usually, the attack manifests itself in the form of a sudden unexplained feeling of doom and gloom, accompanied with overbearing feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness, longings of the past, fear of loss, etc... It seems to come from nowhere and only gets worse until prayerful defensive actions are taken. In those cases, these satanic forces can be easily turned back by pleading the blood of Jesus and taking an aggressive stand on the promises of God. Another powerful tool against witchcraft is the prayer of Psalm 35 and Psalm 143. Those two prayers are powerful against targeted demonic attacks and witchcraft.

16-And-Beyond. If there are demonic entries in your life that aren't included in this list, I would simply ask God for wisdom concerning what it is that's opening those doors. (James 1:5) I would pray for the wisdom, the conviction, the maturity and the courage to know what those open doors are and how to close them. I would pray for Spiritual discernment to know the difference between the truth and deception. If you're being spiritually attacked and you don't know what's causing these attacks, God will tell you what it is.


To prevent demonic attacks of paranormal activity, I would avoid all of the practices found on this list above. If you are currently or have been previously associated with anything you see in this list, stop it right now and explicitly renounce it before the Throne of God in prayer. Matthew 18:18 gives you the authority to bind shut whatever doors have been opened.

Remember that WHO YOU HAVE LIVING INSIDE OF YOU, is a powerful entity that far surpasses any demon or fallen angel. It's the Spirit of God Himself! Jesus promised us in John 14:16-17 that after He died and rose again, that He would send us the Holy Spirit to live inside of us and abide with us forever. This promise has been fulfilled. John tells us in I John 4:4 that "He Who lives in you, is greater and mightier than he (Satan) who is in the world."

This same Jesus who promised and gave us The Holy Spirit, also gave us His Own authority to bind these demons ourselves in His Name. Matthew 18:18 is from the mouth of Jesus Himself as He told His disciples that whatever they bound on earth would be bound in Heaven. To bind something means to paralyze it, to restrain it, to tie it down! Jesus says whatever we bind on earth, will be bound in Heaven. The word Heaven in this context applies to the 1st and 2nd Heaven. Demons and their influence are already bound in the 3rd Heaven, but the 2nd Heaven is where we're having our problems. They come to us from the 2nd Heaven and manifest themselves in all manner of phenomena when there are doors opened for them to enter. Jesus gives us the authority to bind these entities, command them back through the door they entered and to bind those doors shut! Knowing that you can do this will make them just as afraid of you, as you have been afraid of them!

In Luke 10:17-20 we find a record of Jesus' disciples returning to Him after they had been given this authority and they were amazed and excited beyond belief! They said to Jesus, "Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name!" Jesus responded and said, "I saw Satan falling as lightning falls from heaven. Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power that the enemy possesses and nothing shall in any way harm you." Folks, did you hear that???

Unfortunately, religious cults have taken that last passage of Scripture and twisted it into a mandate to handle snakes in church. But that's not what Jesus was saying. Jesus used "serpents and scorpions" as idioms for fallen angels and demons. He's telling us we've been given the authority and power to trample upon fallen angels and demons, and over all THEIR power! That includes the power they have over you during an attack of sleep paralysis, an episode of night terrors, an unwelcomed out-of-body experience, moving furniture, strange noises, disembodied voices, shadow figures, physical manifestations, monsters, aliens, poltergeist or paranormal activity, etc...

Jesus ended this good news with a little warning. Once we finally realize that we have this awesome and incredible power at our disposal, it could become a big head-trip. So Jesus said in verse 20, "Nevertheless, do not rejoice that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice instead that your names are written in heaven." In other words, being a child of God should be more exciting than knowing we have been granted authority over fallen angels and demons. We did nothing to gain that authority anyway. It's not our authority, it's HIS authority given to us because of what He did on our behalf.

Most Christians today though, have no knowledge of this authority they've been granted in Jesus' Name. Now you do. So next time you find yourself in the middle of a demonic attack, the very first thing you should do is remember that "He Who lives in you is greater and mightier than the force you're opposing." This is where you get your courage. Then, you say as loud as you can, (whether audibly out loud or silently within your thoughts)...
"In the name of my Lord and my God Jesus Christ, I command you to be bound and to flee in Jesus' name!
Be gone!
You have no authority over me!
My God Who lives in me is greater and mightier than you!
Be gone! In Jesus' name!"
You can get creative and improvise with those words, but that's the jist of it. In moments, the demonic entities will be gone. Then to keep fear from returning, continue praying to God, giving Him the honor and glory for overcoming these entities on your behalf.

If you should find yourself trapped in a situation such as sleep paralysis or an out-of-body experience, and if you're confused about whether or not what you're witnessing is demonic, then I would pray the following...
"My God, if this is not of you, if this is demonic, I renounce it and reject it in Jesus' name.
Lord Jesus, deliver me out of this!
All demons, spirits of darkness and wickedness, I command all of you to be bound in Jesus' name!
The Lord rebuke you!
Be gone! You have no authority over me! I'm a child of the King, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
My God Who lives in me is greater and mightier than you!
His Heaven is more real than your Heaven! His ways are higher than your ways!
I command you to release me right now! In Jesus' name!!"
Then you will quickly find yourself back in your bed.

I've noticed that nothing ends an event of paranormal activity faster than heartfelt praise toward Jesus Christ. They can't stand to hear it. They hate it! It reminds them of who you really are in Christ. It's as though, they suddenly realize that they're playing with fire and toying around with a forgiven child of the King of Kings. They thought they had trapped a kitten, but what they actually trapped was a lion cub, who's Daddy's roar is right behind the sound of your little cub's plea! Those demons can't run away fast enough so that you'll find yourself singing in tears...
"Oh VICTORY in Jesus!!!! My Savior forever!!!!
He sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood.
He loved me, ere i knew Him and all my love is due Him.
He plunged me to VICTORY beneath the cleansing flood."

Ask God to give you the full benefits of the completed action of Jesus Christ on your behalf and begin a daily relationship with the Lord.

Undertake a personal commitment to the serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. That's the Belt Of Truth which reminds me...

Make a diligent effort to "put on the whole armor of God." For more on the Armor of God, click here.

Spend time with God in prayer every single day, not just once in awhile when things get bad. Pray every day, at least once, but preferably all throughout the day. The more you pray, the better. I also want to reemphasis the power of Psalm 35 and Psalm 143. These two prayers bring the entire demonic battle before the Lord and then the Lord Himself goes to war against them. Read those entire two Psalms as a prayer and personalize them to fit your situation.

Flee from any cult groups that do not restrict their allegiance and authority to the Word of God or groups that deny the deity of Jesus Christ. If you're "Christian group" doesn't think the Bible is reliable, then that group has been compromised. If you're "Christian friend" doesn't believe in the Lordship and deity of Jesus Christ, then they aren't a Christian. Some people kinda go down a buffet of religions beliefs and pick up what they want and leave the rest for somebody else, but Christianity is based solely upon the Word of God. Nothing else.

Don't allow Satan to fool you into thinking you have to live the perfect life. None of us can, none of us do. Don't let Satan trip you up on the whole business of backsliding. The Christian life is a walk. Sometimes you walk faster than other times. Sometimes we get distracted and make some wrong turns. But there is no turning back. Whether you know it or not, you're still walking. No matter where you are, you can approach the Throne of Grace with boldness and assurance, knowing that you will receive mercy for failures and grace to help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:13-16)

RE: Factors That Invite Demonic Activity