Science Explains The Trinity

Launching our first Bible Study at, we got into the background & overview of what are commonly known as the Gospels and we covered the personal introductions from each author. While Matthew & Luke surprised us with remarkable structures found in Jesus' genealogy, John topped them all in just his first 18 verses. Not only did he introduce boldly the doctrine of Grace, but he blatantly pointed out that Jesus pre-existed his human birth, which lead us diving head first into one of the most controversial doctrines of Biblical Christianity known superficially as "The Trinity Of God". The first rule of understanding the Trinity is accepting the fact that it can't be fully understood. It hasn't been until our recent understanding of hyperspaces thanks to modern science that we're even beginning to understand it. Unfortunately, modern science never thought to share this with the Christian community, so I'm sharing it with you here in our first Bible Study at Founding Word. Enjoy.

37 Minutes
June 13, 2008

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