This Is Not Normal

April 29, 2017

As of right now on May 4th, it feels like a fresh November morning, only... it's... not.   It's... May the 4th.   This is our 3rd or 4th so-called Easter spell for the year 2017. The present cool front resulted from yet another super-storm that came and went in a matter of hours producing almost-golf-ball-sized hail and super-winds that took out the top of my neighbor's tree. For those who aren't from around Tyler, Texas, this isn't normal for us. But I suppose abnormal weather is the norm now.

The super-storm in the image above is from last Saturday and it didn't take several days to form either. It appeared from out of nowhere in a matter of hours. Even Texas weather monitors and forecasters couldn't agree on what was coming for us here in East Texas on that day. On Saturday morning, I had planned my trip to Lake Tyler as I do almost every Saturday but this time with a doom and gloom feeling based upon what many of the weather monitors were saying.

Texas was in for severe hail, strong winds and possible tornadoes. But none of the experts could agree on when it would hit. Some of them believed it would hit as early as that morning. Others pushed it back to the middle of the afternoon while some didn't expect anything to happen until well late into the evening and possibly not even until the next morning. So how do you plan around "pin-point" accuracy like that? I suppose what most of them were wondering is, "will Texas be part of this national storm?"

My buddy and I took opposite positions about who to believe. But after investigating so many possible theories, most of them came to a compromise and suggested that East Texas would probably not see anything until around 8:00 PM. (At least, that's what they were saying when I decided to risk it and go ahead with my normal daily Saturday routine.) It's very frustrating trying to make plans around the apocalypse, living in times where most weather forecasters would probably like to say, "Folks, we're living in the last days and despite our years of education and experience, we have no frickin' clue what it's gonna do today!!" So I made a judgment call and took off for the lake, to the fear and trembling of my mother and sister. This is how the day turned out for us.

Folks, I used to post articles all the time here at the blog about abnormal weather phenomena, as well as a whole plethora of other types of strange phenomena, but it became such an undertaking that I stopped doing it around the latter half of 2013. There was just too much weirdness for me to keep up with. I continued observing it on my own, but one can only say the same thing in so many different ways in print. Here's a summary post that I published around the summer of 2015 to chronicle everything I had posted into a single article with pictures and links and Biblical explanations. I post this to remind myself of where we are in history. I've noticed even within my own thinking that despite what I know Biblically, despite what I've observed in recent years, there's something in my psychology that wants to shrug it all off and go back to the matrix where we're all hypnotized by a program where none of this matters.